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teens in music lab

A generous donation makes it possible for teens to discover music technology.

Drop by Teen Central any day after school and it is filled with students studying and collaborating on school projects, but did you know they are also producing music?

Teen Central offers a digital makerspace with a music lab and audio booth where seasoned music producer and educator, Tony Hamoui, mentors students in everything from sound mixing and production to audio engineering and writing lyrics. Tony’s weekly classes typically have 12 participants joining in and they are generously funded through the Boston Public Library Fund.

For Zander, a teen who had never explored music production before, meeting Tony and using the music labs state-of-the-art technology was a new experience. “Zander showed an incredible ability to learn quickly and began to make his own songs,” says Tony.

While in the music lab, Zander met Nathan who had written lyrics, but had never sang or performed before. They decided to work on a song together and the duo released their first song Beehive. They are now working on a full album together.

Teen Technology Coordinator Bri Skywall explains that this type of spontaneous interaction is a real benefit to providing teens a free space to explore new interests. “Giving teens a space where they can learn new skills, but learn them on their own terms—outside of the classroom and work—is an important way to help them feel a sense of pride.”

Reign, another teen that attends Tony’s classes regularly, says the experience of using the music lab was life changing. “Free access to the music production technology and classes helped me grow in my proficiency. I see myself composing and arranging for choirs and orchestras now.”

Listen to “Beehive”, the just released single from BPL patrons Nathan and Zander here.

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