Tapping Into the Power of People 

Private funding supports several new staff positions 
In  recent  years,  patron  demand  has  outpaced  the  Library’s  capacity  for  certain  critical  and  innovative services  and  resources.  To  meet  this  growing  need, forward-thinking  private  donors  have  funded  several new  staff  positions,  accelerating  the  Boston  Public Library’s  response  to  community  needs.  These staff members   are   now   connecting   with   more   Boston   residents and helping them learn new skills, find housing, and apply for jobs. 
As the Boston Public Library’s new Career Counselor, Deandra  Williams  plays  an  essential  role  in  linking patrons  to  the  resources  and  services  they  need to  advance  their  careers.  Her  position  centers  on building  even  stronger  relationships  with  partner organizations  that  provide  workforce  training  and development opportunities. 

“The Library is often the first stop for individuals seeking employment or new skills,” says Deandra. “Now, more than ever, they need library staff to serve as guides, and we’re ready and excited to  immediately  connect  them  with trusted community partners.” 

Generous donors have also funded the first Library Social Worker.  Taylor Morris develops services for patrons  exhibiting  indicators  of   homelessness,  mental  health concerns, and addiction issues.  

“The  work  that  patrons  and  I  do  together  often  has direct,  tangible  impacts  on  problems  they’re  facing  or  a  need  they’re  trying  to  address,”  she  says.  “My role lets patrons know that someone  cares  about  what they’re going through and is here to help them navigate next steps.” 

Another new staff member is Literacy Instructor Cody VanWinkle, who teaches English to a growing population of immigrants eager to unlock their potential.   

“My students  strengthen  new  skills  in  real  time  every  time they  come  to  my  class,”  he  says. “In the  long  term, I’m thrilled to see them gain more confidence in their communication  and  improve  their  opportunities  in the community.” 

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