Help us Celebrate the RIGHT TO READ

Crowdfunding with the BPLF

During Banned Books Week, October 1-7, we’re celebrating the RIGHT TO READ, and we’d love your help to spread the word. If you have a Facebook or Instagram account, you can easily help us raise funds to expand the Boston Public Library’s diverse collections, enhance digital access, and promote the Library as a safeguard of free access to information.  Below, you’ll find instructions and some content to customize your fundraiser! 

TIP: Be sure to use #bannedbooksweek when posting and tag us @BPLFund

For more information, please review our crowdfunding policy or contact us at Thank you for helping to celebrate our community’s RIGHT TO READ!

Facebook Fundraiser

Here’s how to create a Facebook Fundraiser on your desktop:

Step one: Open up Facebook on your desktop. On the left side of your screen, find the toolbar with options including “Friends, Marketplace, and Groups.” Click “See More,” and find the Fundraisers button. Click on it to start creating your fundraiser!

Step two: Click on the large “Select Nonprofit” button toward the top of your screen. This will allow you to specify where the funds you raise will be sent.

Step three: A pop-up box with a search bar will appear prompting you to select your nonprofit. Type in “Boston Public Library Fund” and select our Facebook account (tip: make sure you select the one with the BPLF logo as the profile picture!)

Step four: Once you select your nonprofit, your fundraiser page will appear! To edit the fundraiser details, look at the left sidebar. Here you can edit the goal fundraising amount, name, and duration of your fundraiser, as well as add a personal description explaining why you are choosing to raise funds for the BPLF. The more personalized, the better! Here is some suggested text specific to our RIGHT TO READ campaign; feel free to add a note about why this cause is important to you:

October 1-7 is Banned Books Week, a national movement that champions the right to read and the right to access information freely. This year, it also spotlights the recent surge in book challenges and other attempts at censorship happening at schools and public libraries. Join me in supporting the Boston Public Library Fund in celebration of our RIGHT TO READ. Funds raised help the Boston Public Library to expand its diverse collections, enhance digital access, and remain a safeguard of democracy and information, free to all.

Step five: Finally, hit the create button on the bottom left corner and share your fundraiser with friends and family! Remember to repost the fundraiser a couple of times to maximize your impact. Don’t forget to use #bannedbooksweek and tag us @BPLFund!

Instagram Fundraiser

Fundraisers are easy to create and share on Instagram stories!

Step one: The first step to creating a fundraiser on Instagram is to open up the app and create an Instagram story! Use any picture you want as the background for your story. Need a little inspiration? Scroll down to some of the photos we’ve saved below. Press and hold from your phone to save them to your camera roll!

Step two: Then, click on the attachments icon (it looks like a post-it note!) in the top right-hand corner of the story creator page. Scroll down until you find the donation attachment.

Step three: When you click on the donation attachment, Instagram will prompt you to select an account to direct your donations to. Search @bplfund and select our Instagram account (tip: make sure you select the one with the BPLF logo as the profile picture!)

Step four: A box representing your fundraiser will now appear on your Instagram story. Instagram fundraisers default to a goal of raising $100. If you would like to edit this goal, tap on the box to edit the fundraising details!

Step five: Add any text you would like to tell your followers what you’re fundraising for. Keep it short and sweet! Don’t forget to use #bannedbooksweek and tag us @bplfund, too. Once you’ve edited your fundraiser, you’re now ready to share it! Post it to your story and encourage your friends and followers to support the BPLF! Remember, Instagram stories expire after 24 hours, so repost often if you want to fundraise for multiple days. Instagram fundraisers automatically run for 30 days and you can access your fundraiser from a link in your bio.

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