Poem Celebrates National Library Week

For National Library Week 2022 the Boston Public Library Fund commissioned the incredible Alondra Bobadilla, Boston’s first ever Youth Poet Laureate, to write and perform a poem about the Boston Public Library.

Born and raised in Boston, MA, Alondra found and nurtured her love for writing since she learned her first letters. Alondra uses her writing to highlight social issues that impact her and her community. Through her own work, she demonstrates how creative expression can be a powerful tool for youth to examine feelings around issues, find their voice, and speak up about the changes they want to see for their future. Alondra penned an exclusive poem in celebration of National Library Week, entitled Treasures Storing Up In This Space, which will be our anthem throughout the week.

Download and read Treasures Storing Up In This Space.

View Alondra perform Treasures Storing Up In This Space.

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