Greg Shell

Partner, Goldman Sachs
Greg Shell head shot

Greg Shell is a partner at Goldman Sachs. Prior to joining Goldman Sachs, he worked at Bain Capital Double Impact as a managing director. Previously, Greg served as a Lead Portfolio Manager of a concentrated Global Equity product at GMO, a Senior Equity Analyst at Columbia Management Group and a Consultant at Bain & Company in its Strategy and Private Equity practice areas. He has owned and done deep diligence on many businesses throughout his career, and demonstrated a commitment for discovering and creating value. 

Greg has also distinguished himself through visionary leadership in civic service. He currently sits on the board of The Boston Foundation, where he has led the Program Committee’s grant-making process. He has Chaired the Board of a high performing Charter School as it planned to triple its student population, and has been a Founding Board member of Compass Working Capital, a growth non-profit focused on Family Self Sufficiency. 

Greg received a Bachelor of Science from MIT, and an MBA from the Harvard Business School. A native of New Bedford, Greg believes deeply in the transformative power of education and the innovative capacity of the private sector to help provide solutions to society’s most pressing problems. 

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