What does the Boston Public Library mean to you?

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It's like a public square for my neighborhood. Great to see different people coming in to do their thing as I go about my own business.
I love your curated book lists! It's clear an actual person went through and selected the titles, not just pulled everything with certain subject headings. I've found many great new reads from them!
The BPL has been a part of my life since I was a little girl. It's always been a cultural center of art and education. It's a beautiful place. So glad you are back, you were greatly missed!!
Thank you to all of you, you know how much of a key role you play in such a key institution in our city!
Amy, Jenny, Mimoza and Kathy——We are the Best!!! Can’t wait for the new building!
BPL and the JP Branch Library have enriched my life and supported my family in countless ways. Thanks to everyone at BPL for your crucial work!
Two things made a big positive difference in my life: Getting a degree and the Boston Public Library. I am forever grateful.
Thank you to the wonderful staff at the North End Library. I immediately feel quiet and comfort when I walk in the door.
Thank you for your hard work and dedication! The library has given me access to more books than I ever thought was possible. As someone who can’t afford to buy books it means a lot to me (: thank you
You were my salvation growing up as a child in foster care, without even a book in the house. Your librarians let me read anything, even if way beyond my age group and understanding. I'm so grateful.
It's wonderful to have you back.
I moved to Boston without knowing anyone, BPL quickly became my safe haven. You all do amazing work, don’t ever forget it. <3
Wishing happy holidays to all the great staff @ Parker Hill. They are all very polite and helpful! My grandkids love it when I take them to the library all summer long!
BPL is like a hug: comforting & supportive.
Thank you, thank you! Books and libraries are a joy!
Such a wonderful community - thank you!
Thank you to all BPL Staff for always being so helpful when I visit!
Beautiful Copley Palace for the People and Books, Books, BOOKS to read in all formats!!!
Nice people. Safe spaces. And books, Books, BOOKS! 🙂
The BPL is a wonderful Boston treasure offering an amazing number of programs and services to patrons of all ages - Free to All.
I love the BPL because it is so much more than a library. All of it's branches are filled with people who are so knowledgeable about connecting people to resources that enrich their lives
I love the BPL's commitment to make all resources free and available to the community! It is so much more than just a place to get access to books - the resources for our community are endless!
I love the BPL for so many reasons! The architecture, the community programming, and the simple ability to get any book I want helps keep me feeling at home and always learning in Boston.
The BPL is a great equalizer for me. It serves the public in so many ways and provides so much no matter your gender, creed, race, or status. Thank you BPL & Staff!
The BPL is a pillar of the community! It connects us to knowledge and to each other
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