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Massachusetts residents can earn their high school diploma through the BPL

When Christina Ingram became a young mother, she was forced to leave high school to care for her son. Despite many obstacles, Ingram was determined to earn her diploma — and when she stopped by the Boston Public Library (BPL), the opportunity finally came when she saw a flyer for Excel Adult High School.  

Initially, Ingram was worried the program wouldn’t work for her. However, after researching it and speaking with a Library staff member she started to believe it might be the right fit.  

“I was so busy, but I had to get my high school diploma because my main goal was to teach my kids that no matter how old you are, you can do it,” Ingram explains. “I’m 39, and I’m showing them that you just don’t give up.” 

“The benefits of Excel Adult High School are just astronomical,” says Jess Elias, Community Learning Supervisor at the BPL. “One of my favorite things to do here is talk to students about this program. It’s a pathway to something that’s really life changing.” 

Excel Adult High School is both flexible (100 percent online and self-paced) and highly supportive, connecting students with success coaches, tutors, instructors, school administrators, and Library staff who care about each student’s success. This year, there is no cost to students. Full scholarships have been awarded to all enrolled students thanks to the generosity of Michelle and Henry Nasella through the Boston Public Library Fund.  

Would you like to support programs like the Excel Adult High School at the BPL? Make your gift to the Boston Public Library Fund today.

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