Illuminating BATES

A Special Opportunity to Honor a Loved One

Bates Lights for Webpage Image

dedicate one of Bates Hall’s iconic green lamps

The Boston Public Library Fund is offering a unique and limited opportunity to honor a family member or friend in Bates Hall, the premier reading and research room at the Central Library’s McKim Building.

You can dedicate one of Bates Hall’s 56 iconic green lamps, honoring the 1895 original fixtures, with a distinctive engraved brass plaque by making a tax deductible gift of $18,000 or a commitment payable over three years to the Boston Public Library Fund.

Bates Hall is considered architecturally one of the most important rooms in the world. Patrons and scholars visit regularly to research, study, and read in this idyllic location. Your gift will light the way for a brighter future for Boston and beyond.

To learn more, contact Carol Estes-Schwartz, Deputy Executive Director, at 617-859-2032 or

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