Homework Assistance Program (HAP) Mentors Give Thanks

BPL Homework Assistance Program

The Boston Public Library’s Homework Assistance Program (HAP) provides free, 100% accessible academic support for thousands of K-8 students in the city. HAP also provides employment and post-secondary skills development for over 50 high-achieving Boston ‘Teen Mentors’ each year. These exceptional youth deliver a cumulative 10,000 group and one-on-one tutoring lessons annually.

Below are quotes from mentors who share why they are thankful for the HAP program and your continued support:

The best part of HAP to me is working with the kids and seeing how they are doing when they come to visit every week.

Ayat Yusef, 17, Boston Latin Academy

The best part of HAP to me is being able to see the faces of the students when they are satisfied with what they learned at each HAP session.

Tiffany Trinh, 17, Boston Latin School

Thank you for all the support! The best part of the HAP program to me is being able to build friendships and bonds with the younger students.

Franchezca Plaisival, 16, The Academy of the Pacific Rim

Thank you so much for the support you have offered us; the best part of HAP for me has been the intermissions between doing assignments, where kids get to talk about their day, and crack me up in the process. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

Davian Rodriguez, 17, Boston Latin School

I want to thank you for all your support, personally. Your support means a lot to me and everyone at HAP. I came to HAP because I love working with kids, and I love school, so that combination fits perfectly with the job. The best part of HAP to me is helping the kids. I find it was so fun and enjoyable to work with kids younger than me. It is always a fun time if that’s either helping them with homework or even playing education games. And that is all so possible with the help and support of you. I hope you have a wonderful, safe, Thanksgiving and best wishes for a healthy and safe holiday season.

Eric Moussignac, 16, Saint Joseph Prep

The best part of the HAP program to me is getting to work with different kids and helping them with their homework. I got to learn so many things from them.

Nelissa Timothee, 17, TechBoston Academy

Thank you for all your support. The best part of HAP to me is the fact that I get to virtually meet and mentor students all over Boston.

Daniela Acuna, 15, Boston Latin Academy
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