Everyone Loves the Library

BPL National Library Lovers Month

Love is in the air! Did you know February is a month to celebrate your love of… libraries? Library Lovers’ month is a time to recognize the value of libraries, and all the special things we love about them. From offering critical programs that speak to the needs of the community, to helping patrons fall in love with reading, the library provides something for everyone.

To celebrate our library lovers, we are highlighting stories from people who share why they love and support the BPL. We also invite you to share your story with us!

Deborah Nam-Krane

Deborah, a romance and women’s fiction novelist, has a deep connection to the BPL as she has frequented the Library for decades.

“For over 35 years the Library has supported my curiosity, my activism, and my homeschooling. The library is a city and state treasure, and I want to make sure that everyone can take advantage of it.”

Alice “Pat” Granahan

Alice has always loved libraries. In fact, no matter where Alice travels, she is always searching for the local library!

“My love of libraries began in childhood when I walked over two miles to and from the Auburndale Library. When doing genealogy research, I utilized the BPL. I still have a library card and when visiting a new town or city, I always ask, ‘where is the library?’ I love that library doors are open to everyone, and there is respect to all citizens. Libraries are the bedrock of democracy.”

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