girl reading on orange cushion

Thank You to Our Supporters

The following individuals, foundations, corporations, and organizations made gifts and commitments to the Boston Public Library Fund between July 1, 2021, and June 30, 2022. We deeply appreciate their generosity and support.

* Deceased
^ Restricted Gift

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list. We apologize for any errors or omissions. Please report any corrections to

Thank You to Our Supporters

girl reading on orange cushion

The following individuals, foundations, corporations, and organizations made gifts and commitments to the Boston Public Library Fund between July 1, 2020, and June 30, 2021. We deeply appreciate their generosity and support.

^Restricted Gift


James and Hanna Bartlett

Howard Cooper*

Steve L. Csipke

Angel Manuel Dejesus

Arlene Hines*

Mary Alice Howard

Terence M. Janericco

Marlene Kaplan

Christine McCarron

Jane W. Mead

Arlene Pikin

Sally G. Portle

Susan D. Prindle

Peter Sheldon*

Julie M. Wood

Dorothy F. Alker Trust Fund for the Uphams Corner Branch

Louise H. Allen Fund

BPL General Fund

Fidelity Fund

Lynch Fund

Diane Martel Fund for Children’s Programs

Leonard and Barbara McCue Fund

Dr. Nellie Walent Wilson Fund

William O. Taylor Fund



Bank of America Charitable Foundation

Barr Foundation

Liberty Mutual Foundation

State Street Foundation

The Boston Foundation


Amelia Peabody Charitable Fund

Bank of America Charitable Foundation

Sherry and Alan Leventhal Family Foundation

State Street Foundation

Margret and H.A. Rey*

Institutional Donors


Bank of America Charitable Foundation^

Cummings Foundation^

Eastern Bank Foundation

The Hearst Foundations^

The Highland Street Foundation^

Sherry and Alan Leventhal Family Foundation^

National Endowment for the Humanities^

Eric & Jane Nord Family Fund^

State Street Foundation, Inc.

Anonymous (2)

Institute of Museum and Library Services^

The Lowell Institute^

PDB Foundation^

Yawkey Foundation^

Anonymous (2)

American Tower Foundation^

Bain Capital Children's Charity, Ltd.^

The Boston Globe

Goldman Sachs & Co.

Granite Telecommunications

Marcus Partners

Nasdaq Foundation^

Richard K. Lubin Family Foundation

Argosy Foundation

Boston Bruins Foundation

The Catered Affair

Fiduciary Trust Co.

Maxine Myers Foundation

National Grid Foundation^

Ropes & Gray LLP

Saquish Foundation^

Shawmut Design and Construction

Tiny Tiger Foundation

TJX Foundation^

Verizon Foundation^

Westra Family Charitable Trust

The 1156 Foundation

CarGurus Inc.^

The Edgerley Family Foundation

The Newbury Boston

William J. and Lia G. Poorvu Foundation

Webster Family Foundation

Best Buy Employee Giving Program

The Brennan and Cianciolo Family Fund^

The Robert Cushman Woods Van Nostrand Fund

Eversource Energy Foundation^

Fannie Mae^

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

The Martin & Deborah Hale Foundation

Hirschtick Family Charitable Gift Fund

Lindauer Global

The Newmann Darrah Family Charitable Fund

The Offensend Family Foundation

Racemaker Charitable Fund at Chicago Community Foundation

Razzaque Family Charitable Fund

Sanofi Genzyme

Shawmut Street Charitable Gift Fund 

TrustBridge Global Foundation

Harold L. Wyman Foundation Inc.

Individual Donors


Linda and Daniel Cummings

Sherry and Alan Leventhal^

Anonymous (3)

Jeffrey and Christa Hawkins

Jeannie and Jonathan Lavine

Michelle and Henry J. Nasella^


Roberta Cohn

John and Maureen Hailer

Nancy and Richard K. Lubin

Paul E. Lynch

Louis D. and Cheryl Maiuri

Susan Moser and Thomas Evans

Paula and Matt Popoli


John Abele

Amy and David C. Abrams

Charity Alker

James and Hanna Bartlett

Jenna and Aaron Bates

Anita and Josh Bekenstein

Deborah H. Bornheimer

Lewis and Rinda Burleigh

Barry Canton and Reshma Shetty

Charles Cooney and Peggy Reiser^

Michael F. Cronin

Richard W. Donoho

Grace and Ted Fey

Marilyn Fife Cragin and John Cragin^

Jean Gibran

Michael and Martha Keating

Myrna K. and Roger Landay

Barbara and Leonard McCue

Mark D. and Nancy L. Myers

Christian and Sophie Westra


Carlotte N. Berk

Jane Brock-Wilson

Carolyn O. Carlson

Douglas E. Carney

Dawn and Mark E. Donovan

Sandra and Paul Edgerley

Ida and Palmer Hale

Terence M. Janericco

Elizabeth L. Johnson

Janet and David Offensend

Lia and William Poorvu

Susan D. Prindle^

Bernie and Sue Pucker^

Greg Shell

Karen A. Vagts^

Nancy and John Webster

Lynne Brainerd and Michael Douvadjian

Mack L. Davidson III

Robert and Jill Gallery

Caroline Grassi and Matthew Wills

William Kaelin

Paul and Mimi La Camera

Pendred Noyce and Leo Liu

Sandy Moose

Jane R. and William S. Mosakowski

Jennifer M. and Victor Paci

Philip W. Rosenkranz

Paula and Robert Sakey

Katherine Grace Welch

Dyann and Peter K. Wirth

Anonymous (5)

Nancy S. Adams and John A. Burgess

Mary T. and S. James Adelstein

Martina Albright

Zamawa Arenas and Murray Forman

Nancy Baler

Jacquelyn Borck and Howard B. Cutler

Kathleen Brennan and Gerald Cianciolo

Marianne M. Callahan

Allie and Tom Campbell

Karen Carter

Kelly and Rush Chewning

Deborah and Martin Hale

Danielle Chow and Benjamin Harris

Jennifer Chow and John F. Papandrea

Carolee Coleman

Kymm Coveney

Mary E. Curtis

Michelle Davenport^

Mary N. and Alphonse DePalma

Ellen Donaghey

Priscilla Douglas

Laura V. Dowd and David L. Gallogly

Anne Drazen and Leonard Singer^

Laurie and Michael A. Ewald

Patrice and Frederick Ficken

Ginda and Benji Fisher

Nicole Frahm and Steven Gwost

Penny and Richard Garver

Laurie Gould

Alice L. Hageman

Cynthia M. Jones

James T. Knowles

Susan G. Kohn

Jennifer Koonz

Jane Kuchefski

Katharine and Tom Kush

  1. Kwan

Dayne Lamb and Gardner N. Stratton

Roy Y. Liu

Michael T. Loconto

James F. and Katherine S. McHugh

Colleen McKiernan

Kimberly M. Mooney

Margaret Murphy

Sally Muspratt

Patricia Nakache

Susan M. O'Connor

Dorothy and John J. Remondi

Michael Roitman

Aparna and Philip A. Rolfe

Alina Roytberg

Emily Schabacker

Becky Silverstein

Paul Sorum

Kerry and Peter Sullivan

Katherine and Benjamin Taylor^

Paula Thompson and David B. Chosiad^

Catherine Thut and Derek Lessing

Henry Tonks

Richard Voos

Emily V. Wade

Tor Aarestad

Leila and Arnold Abelow

Michael Abelson

Catherine and James Abely

Eleanor D. Acheson

Jane A.  Acheson

Patricia Ackad

Michelle and Eddy Ackerman

Bruce Adams

Cynthia Ade

Barbara Adler

Corinne L. and Gerald Adler

Patricia Adornetto

Anne S. Agee

Carolina Aguilar-Restrepo

Janice Ahearn

Colette Ahern

Anjali and Andrew Ahn

Julie Rohwein and Jonathan Aibel

Elizabeth Ajemian

George Albrecht

Joseph C. Alexander

Jeffrey Allen

Lynne D. Allen

Miriam H. Allman

Myron Allukian, Jr., D.D.S., M.P.H.

Amy Almeida

Mara Alperin

Isabel Alvarez-Borland and Kermit M. Borland

Catherine Alves

Louise Todd Ambler

Carl Ameno

Esther D. Ames

Virginia F. and George A. Amichetti

Floyd J. Amicone

Theresa Ammirati

Catherine Scott Amory

Isabel Ancona

Diane Anderson

Gillian  Anderson

James Anderson

Susan M. Anderson

Sofia Annis

Kathy M. Lutz and Brian P. Anton

George Anzuoni

Roberta Apfel and Bennett Simon

Mary Ann  Arabadjis

Evelyn and Jose Arana-Ortiz

Diane Arenella

Miriam Marie Ariel

Rieko Arimoto

Kathleen A. Armstrong

Katie Arnold

Laurie Arnone

Joan Arnott

Katharine B. Arnstein

Doris G. Novo Medeiros and Felix D. Arroyo

Joseph Arthur

Mildred M. Asano

Susan Ashbrook

Wendy Atamian

John Aubrey

Aoife Austin

Rosanne Aversa and Michael A. McCormick

Lorraine M. Azar

John Babchak

Janice and Stephen Babcock

Jean M. Babcock

Margaret Campbell Babson

Eileen Bagley

Brenda J. Bailey

Linee Baird

Catherine Baisly

Barbara A. Baker

Catherine  Baker

Elizabeth and William Baker

Joanna Baker

Alma Balonon-Rosen and Mitchell Rosen

David M. Banash

Joan Bandel

Soumendra Banerjee

Heather Banic

Valerie Banner-Goodspeed

Melania Barange

Ricardo Baratto

Eveyln L. Barbee

Brooke Barbier

Beth Barclay

Hope and Mel Barkan

Marla S. and Robert H. Barker

Steven Barkin

Elizabeth Barnett

Ilene Barnwell

Julie Barrett

Michael Barrett

Michael Sullivan and Edward Barton

Judith E. Robinson and Michael J. Barza

Lynn G. Basch

Joseph Bates

Benjamin Batorsky

Julie Battisti

Parris Battle

Benjamin Bau

Joseph & Rae Gann Charitable Foundation

Louise C. Baxter

  1. Marshall Beale

Jennifer Beard

Carol Beasley

Kimberley Beaudet

Susan and Michel Becam

Carolyn Becker

Patricia Beckles

Kathleen Beckman and Theodore Postol

Ann Marie and Walter Bedell

Sally Beecher and Harold Moren

Deborah Y. Beers-Jones

Nancy and Reinier Beeuwkes

Linda Behar

Nancy Beirne

Patricia E. Belanger

Peter Belina

Ashley Bell

John Bell

Justin Bell

Phoebe Belsley

David D. Benedict

Midge and Ross Benjamin

Ruth A. Bennett

Carol Benson and Peter Doubilet

Michael Bentinck-Smith

Amy Berenson

David Bergstrom

McKey and James Berkman

Nancy Berliner

Claire Berman

Nancy S. and David S. Berman

Laura P. Bernard

Fred Bernardin

Jerry M. Bernhard

Margarita K. Bernstine

Sharon Berte

George Best

Jhonnathan Beswick

Laura Bethard

Margrit Betke

Ellen Hofheimer and Michael Bettmann

Sonya Bhabhalia

Kathleen Casey-Bianchi and Lorrey Bianchi

Philip C. Bibb

Fred Bieber

Dorothy and Robert J. Bienkowski

Elena Bird

Sheila Bird

Helen M. Bjork

Leslie and Paul Blachman

Katharine Black

Richard J. Black

Lucas Blackadar

Ellen Blackburn

Barbra Blair

Emily Blatt

John Maxwell Bleakie

Rina M. Bloch

Cecile L. and Paul R. Blomquist

Joanne Blondin

Debora Bloom

Laura K. and Steven H. Bloom

Nancy L. and Jacob L. Bloom

Barry Bluestone

Sarah Boardman

Anna Bobrov

James F. Bogue

Humza Bokhari

Pamela M. and Julian F. Bond

Margaret  Boning

Patricia J. Bonsignore and Dominick G. Frank

Rosalie and John Bookston

Donald J. Borchelt

Bonnie Borch-Rote

Leslie A. and Frank P. Bordonaro

Jeffrey Borenstein

Gail and Paul Bork

Irene Borowicz

Nikitha Borra

Catherine and Ronald J. Bosch

Ruth Bottigheimer

Janet L. Boudreau

Valentina Bouley

Kellie Bourque Binczyk

Timothy M. Bowe

Edith H. Bowers

Richard Bowers

Dorothy E. and Brian M. Bowles

Kerry Boyle

Mary E. Bracken

Ben Bradlee, Jr.

Peter Brady

Jen Brandwein

Walter L. Brassert

James S. Braude

Helen O. Braun

Lorraine and Eric R. Braxton

Andrew Breeding

Brenda E. and David J. Breen

Winifred  Breines

Elizabeth Brendley

  1. Brener

Sandra Bresnick

Lara Brewer

Dennis Brewster

Maxine and Mark Bridger

Thomas J. Brien

Janet Britcher

Lucy E. Hadden and William B. Brockman

Nancy J. Broderick

Kathleen Brower

Deborah B. Brown

Edward Brown

George C. Brown

Graham Brown

Ivan Brown

Judy Garber and Myles Brown

Laura Brown

Nora Brown

Patricia Brown

Robert Brown

Anne Browne

Martin L. Browne

Karyn Brundige

Katy T. and Andrew M. Brunner

Robert Bruno

Angie Y. Brusch

Josephine Bruzzese

Laurie and Robert Bubencik

Robert Bucelwicz

Janet E. Buda

Richard J. Buirkle

George R. Bulger

Daniel Bullock

John Buonopane

Francisco Buot

Hayward Burdette

Doris Burford and Donna Casali

Frances O. Burford

Brian Burke

Christopher T. Burke

Erin Burke

Susan M. Burke

Carol G. Burnes

Valarie  Burrows

Dolores M. Burton

Kristina Busa

Jeffrey Buschel

Fay and Julian Bussgang

David Butler

Robert T. Buttlar

Mary Bylo

Joan D. Byrne

John Byrne

Julia Byrnes

Rudolph J. Cabral

Francisco Cabrera

Peter Caesar

Mary C. Cahalane

Peter Cahn

Nina Calabresi and Bob Oldshue

Albert Calderon

Julie Calechman

Ann Callahan

Deborah Callahan

Robert Callahan

Maryellen Callahan

Barbara Callan-Bogia

James J. Calmas

Brian Cammarata

David Campbell

Megan Cannon

Chris  Canton

Brina Caplan

Stephen Capuzzi

Mary Carbonara

Frank Carbone

Ingrid  Cardoso

Sharon Carey

Carolyn Carlson

Julia Carlson

Theresa P. and Raymond T. Carmichael

Robert Carnes

Robert Carney

Cynthia Carpenter

Mary and Kenneth Carpenter

Shirley A. Carr

Erin Carreiro

Kevin Carrillo-Rhoads

Erika Carroll

Karen  Carroll

John Cartales

Matthew Carter

Kimberly Carvalho

Mark  Casady

Florence Soohoo Casper

Cassidy Family Foundation

Kristen Catanzano

Kenneth F. Caulfield

Stephen Cavalear

Victoria H. and Vincent Cavaseno

Loretta Cedrone

Jonatha Ceely

Michele Chabot

Bruce Chafee

Rosalind Chan

Jenny Chan Yuen

Lauren Chandler-McCluskey

Ena Chang

Cynthia Chapra

Eunice A. Charles

Antonia Chayes

Clara Chen

Nancy Chenausky

Laura Cheng

Patricia Cherney

David Chia

Lai Bing Chin

Mary E Chin

Salvatore Chiodi

Clara Chow

Elizabeth P. Chow

Sandra Christison

Joan Christison-Lagay

Daniel Chuang

Susan E. Ciampa

Margaret and Daniel R. Cianfarini

Colleen G. Clark and James Cox

Elizabeth K. Clark

Jeffery Clark

Leigh Clark

Rhonda E. Starkey and Raymond K. Clark

Cynthia M. Clarke

Margaret T. Clarke

Thomas V. Clasby

Aubrey Clayton

Cathleen and Dan Clemens

Cynthia  Clemons

Herbert  Clifford

Kaitlyn Clifford

Virginia Clifford

Wendy A. Cardia and Jean A. Clouse

Anne L. and Alan A. Coakley

Charles Coe

Camille M. Coffey

Julia H. Cofield

Janet E. and Thomas Cohan

Bernard E. Cohen

Howard A. Cohen

Mardge Cohen and Gordon  Schiff

Michael Cohen

Robin Cohen

Sherryl W. and Gerard H. Cohen

Marcia B. Leavitt and Andrew H. Cohn

Henri R. Cole

Michael Colford

Joan Collins

Katie Collins

Nancy Collins

Reyes Coll-Tellechea

Peter G. Colwell

Ruth and Richard J. Colwell

Kyle Combes

Danielle  Comeau

Philippa and Peter J. Condakes

Melanie Condon

Jessica Conklin

Ann Conley

Ileen Conn

Marianne Connaughton

Wesley Connell

Carolyn M. Connelly

Elaine M. Connolly

Mary B. Connolly

MaryAnn Connolly

Patricia A. Connolly

Thomas E. Connolly

Kim  Connolly

Eugene P. Connors

Thomas Connors

Elaine Conroy

Patrick J. Conroy

Roberta Conuel and Michael Keenan

Josepha Conway

Katherine D.  Cook

Sarah Cooper

Jennifer Coplon and Robert Frank

Lucia Corbett

Victor Corbo

Robert L. Cord

Julia A. Corenzwit

Ann Corey

Kaysha Corinealdi

Margaret Corkery

Laurie J. Corkum

Ernie Cornelssen

Sarah P. Correia

Elizabeth Corrigan

Catherine E. Costello

James Costello and Roberta Schmidlein

Lauren Costello

Patricia Elen Costello

Joel Couch

Kelley Coughlin

Elaine M. Coveney and Robert E. Dynes

Matthew  Coy

Jasmine Crafts

Linda E. and David L. Crafts

Catherine Creecy and George Providakes

W.E. Douglas Creed

James Croghan

Ann H. and Alfred W. Crompton

Ann Cronin

Paul Cronin

Harold S. Crowley, Jr.

Prudence and William Crozier

Marie Crusberg

Elaine M. Cullinane

John J. and Agnes M. Cullinane

Maureen E. Cullinane

Sandra L. Cullison

Charles Culp

William Culp

Lenore S. and Jon D. Cummings

Patricia A. Cunningham and Samuel W. Kennedy

Mark Curby

Elizabeth C. and David S. Curtis

Rosalind Cuschera

John P. Custy, Jr.

Rachel M.  Cyr

Theresa Czarcinski

Mary Ellen  Czerniak

Stanley Czulewicz

Karen H. and Timothy J. Dacey

Marjorie Daggett

Rosemary Daggett

Ginger and Nirav Dagli

Arthur A. Dahl

Joanne D'Alcomo and Stephen Elman

Margaret L. Dale

Patricia A. Daley

James Dalsimer

Eleanor Daly

Marian H. D'Amato

 Roberta and Louis E. Damelin

Kristina Danahy

André, Marilyn and Erik Danesh Charitable Fund

Sarah Daniel

Martha F. Daniels

Carl F. Danielson

Norman Daoust

Ellen Daraney

Schuyler Daum

Maureen David

Elaine and Charley Davidson

John Davin

Dennis M. Davis

Dianne P. and Kenneth J. Davis

Judith Siporin and Eric H. Davis

Kenneth Davis

Linda B. Davis

Mike Davis

Paul Davis

Rania and Mark Davis

Stephen Davis

May and Carl Daw

Joseph L. Day

George P.  De George

Channel De Leon

Lucinda M. De Patto

Dale Anna Dean

Elizabeth  Dean

Elizabeth and Nicholas Deane

Norman Deinha

Charles Y. Deknatel

Cheryl Delaney

Sarah Delaney

Douglas Delay

Evelyn and George Delegas

Lauren DeMarco

Michele F. Demarest and John D. Patterson, Jr.

Andrea DeMayo-Clancy

Katie DeMont

Dennis J. Dempsey

Margaret DePopolo

Mary E. Depoto

Gail Derderian

Dorothy Derifield

Richard Desroches

Eva and Eugene Deutsch

Susan Deutsch and Allan Metrick

Virginia E. Devlin

Mark Devoto

Taufiq Dhanani

 Matilda D. and Edmund S. Di Iorio

Ben Di Maggio

Kent A Dickey

Paula and Reed Dickinson

John Dickison

Marion Diener

Alice Dietrich

Charles Dietrick

Anna Digenio

Patricia Digenio

Diane Diggs

Nancy Dimock

Kathryn Dineen

Janet DiPaolo

Zorica and Zoran Djordjevic

Jacquelyn-My Do

Julie R. Dobrow

John Doench

Beatrice and Edward Doherty

Deirdre and Daniel V. Doherty

Michael Doherty

Neil F. Doherty

Joanne Dolan

Elaine Donahue

Ellen  Donahue

Gerard J. Donahue

Vincent L. Donlan

Kathleen T. Donohue and Mark Sanders

Timothy Donohue

Mike Donovan

Elizabeth C. Dooling

Mary Ellen Doona

Raymond P. Dorney

Deborah H. and Joseph C. Dossantos

Richard Doucas

Donald Doucette, Jr.

Worth Douglas

Timothy Douros

James J. Dowd

John W. Dowd

Charles Downey

Doris R. and Walter L. Downey

Elizabeth Doyle

Jen Doyle

Margaret A. Drain

Anne L. Drake

Charlotte and George Draper

Jessica Drawe

Elizabeth A. Driehaus

Joan Dubis

Eleanor Duckworth

Gerald Dudek

Dorothy Dunford

Marvin Duong

Katie Dupuree

Laura Durant

Johanna Dwyer

Maureen Dwyer

Maurice Dwyer

Melanie and David Dyer

Ron Dynneson

Judith M. Dzyak

William E. Earle

Nancy E. and Bruce E. Earnley

Sally H. Ebeling

Susan Edwards

Kathleen and John Egan

Paul Egan

Emily Ehrnschwender

Peter Eimon

Jinanne S. J. Elder and Kenneth MacIver

Elizabeth A. Eldredge and George L. Alexakos

Anne D. and Stanley G. Elfbaum

Peter W. Elliott

Tom Elliott

Marie-Pierre and Michael Ellmann

Edith and David Engel

Nicole Enriquez

Gayle T. and Michael A. Epp

Yevgeniy Epshteyn

Esta and Robert Epstein

Joel Epstein

Roy Epstein

Martha A. Erickson

Joan C. Shea and Robert B. Eskin

Clare M.  Esparolini

Carol Estes-Schwartz

A'Llyn Ettien

Selena Evans

  1. Stanwood Everett, Jr.

Christine Eyre

Carol A. and Anthony P. Fabiano

Frederick Franklin Fagal, Jr.

Kevin Faherty

Elizabeth M. Fahey

Carol Fahy

Rita Fahy

Phyllis C. Fairchild

Elsbeth T. Falk

Peter G. Fallon, Jr.

Marlene Faria Connelly

Dianne Farley

Anamarie Farr

Deema Farsi

Robin R. and Paul A. Fast

Barbara A. and Jonathan A. Fay

Eileen T. Fay

Anthony Fazio

Mary J. and Richard Feeney

Tim Feeney

Shelah Feiss

Margaret A. Felice

Gail Fenske and Don Cecich

Beth and Richard Fentin

Kathleen Ferguson

Judith and Matthew Fichtenbaum

Christine M. Field

Kristin C. Field

Timothy Finley

Joseph F. Finn, Jr.

Beverly Fior

John Fisher

Andrew Fishman

Claire and John J. Fitzmaurice

Patricia C. Flaherty and Philip Pichulo

Elizabeth L. Flammio

Cathy Flanagan

Carla J. Procaskey and D. Anthony Flanders

Marlene and Philip Flattich

Allison Fleck

Ilene R. and Bruce R. Fleischer

Judith L. Fleischman and Jeremy A. Stahlin

Jorge Fleisher

Judith and Gerald Fleming

Mary K. and John F. Fleming

BethAnne C. Flynn

David Flynn

David L. Flynn

Margaret Flynn

Elaine and Kevin Foley

Patricia and Joseph Foley

Elizabeth F. Fong

Meiching Fong

Richard E. Fontaine

Melissa Forbes-Nicoll and Campbell Forbes

Jeffrey Forman

Merrill Forman

Virginia Forsberg

Anne and David Forsyth

Maryanna and Charles T. Foskett

Elizabeth  M.  Foulser

Barbara Fox

Danielle Fox

Jean M. Fox

Richard Fox

Marie Lou Francoeur

Dov Frede

Joanne and Kevin Freeley

Judi Freeman

Sarah Freeman

Stephen Freidberg

Joyce G. and Lloyd S. French

Mary French

Mary Jo Fresolo

Iris Friedman

Lisa Fries

Doreen and Timothy Frigo

Martha Frigoletto

Sandra Frohman

Claire Fruitman

Christine Fuchs

Sandy Fuhs

Christie and Daniel Fujimoto

Mary Fuller

Susan Furste

Mariregis R. and John Fusco

Eleanor M. Fusoni

Elliot Gabriel

Leslie and Michael Gaffin

Deborah Gage

Thomas F. Gagen

Marta Gaglia

Caroline B. and Ralph A. Gakenheimer

Sandra Galejs and Peter Warren

Constance Gallagher

Joseph and Sheila Gallagher

Julie Gallagher

Maura Ellen Gallagher

Stephen Gallant

Sheila and Howard Galligan Fund

Kathleen Gallivan

Mary Gamber

Khalilah Gambrell

Michael A. Gangemi

Dorothy J. Ganick, M.D.

Jianqing Gao

Robert Garber

Jerry Garcia

Jeffrey Garland

Mini Garrett

Karen Garvin

Karen Gaukel

Harper Gay

Cliff Gayley

Robert C. Gehret

Erik W. Gehring

Ross Gelbspan

Emily Gelfman

Karen and David M. Gemmett

Erin George

Natalie Bell and David Georgi

Teo Georgiev

Sheila M. and Ronald D. Geraty

Monica Gerber

Terri N. Gerber

Carol Geyer

Subrata Ghoshroy

Julia Giannangelo

Valerie J. H. and James C. Gibson

Alma Giese-Heinrichs

Marilyn Gilbert

Eleanor Chin and Kevin H. Gillespie

Susan Gilzow

Andrea Ginsburg

Ruth L. Ginsburg

Ilene K. Gipson and Henry T. Keutmann

Nyla M. Gislason

Wendy Giunta

Ileen Gladstone

Lenore Glaser

Vicky Glass

Mark E.  Glasser

Irene Glassman

Mindy and Jeff Glickman

Jo Martha Glushko

Mary Ann Glynn

Patricia L. Godfrey

Justin Goding

Julie Anne and Rolf Goetze

Amy Goh

Michaela Gold

Elise Goldberg

Frances Goldberg

Lisa Goldberg

Paul Goldberg

Andrea M. Golden and John B. McManus

Michelle Golden

Caron S. and Frederick T. Golder

Dorothy Klepper and Martin Goldman

Howard Goldman

Jennifer and Ken Goldsmith

Ruth Goldsmith

Frederick Goldstein

Lorraine J. Goldstein

Richard Goldstein

Monique Goldstyn

Carol A. Gonzalez

Jan Goodwin

Judith A. Hall and Frederick M. Gordon

Marjorie  Gordon

Sylvia Gordon

Suzanne Goren

Thomas J. Gosnell

Mari Gottdiener

Maureen M. Grace

Andrew Grad

Emily Graham

Karen B. Graham

Edward W. Grandin

Milan Granillo

Michelle  Granshaw

Laurence Grant

Diana Graski

Danielle Gray

MaryLou Gray

 Marilyn B. and James F. Green

Elisabeth C. Green

Janice S.  Green

Sylvia E. Green

Nancy Greenberg

Colette Greenstein

Alice Greer

Mary Jewett Greer

Grace E. Gregor

Deborah Gregson and Paula O'Gilvie

Lindsay and Garth H. Greimann

Janet Griffin

Thomas Griffin Jr

Nancy E. Grilk

Steven H. Grindle

Diana W. and Andrew R. Grobman

Maris Groger

Charlotte Gross

Lisa M. Grossi

Gretchen Grozier

Lisa Gruenberg and Martin Carmichael

Sharon D. and Angelo R. Guadagno

George Guay

Mark  Guenard

Valerie Gumes

  1. Ryan Gunsalus

Beth Gurney

Deborah  Gyenes

Daniel D. Haacker

Ernest Haddad

Caryl Haddock

Joan Hadly

Roxanne Haecker

Shahla Haeri

Shineui C. Hahn

Monica H. Halas and Robert W. O'Connor

Susan and Michael Haley

Gary Hall

Helena S. and Bertrand Halperin

Bruce Hamilton

Luisa Hamilton

Malcolm Hamilton

Wendy Hamilton

LeRoy Hammerstrom

Sarah E. Hancock

Karissa Hand

Diane E. Handy

Dean Hanley

Joyce M. Hannan

Mary Hannigan

Thomas Hanold

Eileen T. Hansberry

Fred Hapgood

Mary Harmer

Stephen Harr

Alice Harrigan

Joan G. Harrington

Mary E. Harrington and Walter L. Landergan III

Andrew Harris

Canute Harris

Carol Harris

  1. William Harris

Brian Harrison

Naomi Harrison

Vincenza Hart

Carol Hartman

Marjorie  Hartman

Jane F. and James L. Hartmann

Patricia A. and Michael J. Hartnett

Robert E. Harvey

Shelby Harvey

Joan B. and Michael S. Hass

Nadia Hassounah

Paul Hastings and John Murphy

Aileen Hatch

Allyson Hatton

John R. Haule

Jennifer Haupt

Alice Hawley

Christina Hayes

Margaret Hayes

Joanne Hayes-Rines and Robert Rines

Mark Hazel

Aditi  Hazra

Cecilia Healy

Beverly Hector-Smith

Linda A. Hedetniemi

Kathleen L. Heine

Katherine Hemeon

Roberta M. and William R. Henderson

Paul W.  Henry

Stephanie  Henry

Edward M. Heraty

Marcia and Brian Herlihy

Marie Gerhard-Herman and Mark Herman

Myriam Hernandez

Rebecca Herrmann

Dudley Herschbach

Rachel E. Hershfang and Wesley V. Williams

Jacob Hesterman

Monroe Heyman

Howard H. Hiatt

Kathleen Hickey

Lawrence Hickey

Ann Higgins

Kristina H. and Peter F. Higgins

Mary E. Driscoll and Luke R. Hill

Ingrid Hillinger

Karen R. Hinchen

Kathleen M. and David J. Hines

Lynda and Daniel K. Hines

Sarah Hinkle

Roger Hinman

Lillian Hirales

Mike Hirsch

Erica Hirshler and Harold Clark

Robert Hoch

Sydney Hodges

Therese M. Hofmann

Elaine Holder

Janet R. and Charles F. Hollander

Leslie and Lewis Holmes

Leslie Holmes

Edith Mead Holway

Margaret N. and John Hooper

Patricia and Stephen Hoover

Walter Horn

Genna Hornstein

Constance J. H. Horton

Jane Ancrum Horton

Betsy Hosler

Lisa K. Houck and Alan Ringel

Morgan Houk

Robert Houtz

Elisabeth A. Howe

June and James Howe

Alice, Burt and Audrey Howell

Cathy Huang

Sarah S. Hudgens

Judith A. Huenneke

Frederick Hufnagel

Judith Hughes

Martha G. and William Hull

Jean M. and Paul A. Humez

Diana and G. Lee Humphrey

Nina Huntemann

Claudia Hunter

Emily Hunter

Katherine Hunter

Megan Hunter

Nick Huntington

Mary W. and Daniel J. Hurley

James Hutchinson

Elizabeth Huttner-Loan

Pamela Ikauniks

Rebecca Ikehara

Nathaniel Iliff

Edward Imbier

Ana and Joseph Impellizeri

Zintis Inde

Ellen Ingerman

Michael Angelo Interbartolo, Jr.

John Irany

Naomi B. Isler

Christina Jackmauh

Marilyn B. Jackson

Susan A. Jackson

Pamela  and Michael  Jackson

Jeffrey Jacobson

Toini L. Jaffe

Loretta and Tom Jaksic

Vincent W.  James

Robert Jampol

Janet Jankowiak

Jill Jarvis

John Jayne

Lance Jayne

Shiaw Jen

Michelle and Peter Jenney

Stephanie Jernigan

David Jerome

David L. Jevne

Marie  Jimenez

Carole and James Johnson

Chris Johnson

Dennis Johnson

Gary Johnson

Janet Johnson

Kathleen and Gary Johnson

Linda Johnson

Paula C. and George R. Johnson

Mary Johnston

Robert D. Johnston

Holly and Bruce Johnstone Charitable Fund

Compton Jones

Robert Jones

Stewart  H. Joran

Miriam Jost

Ann Marie Joyce

Deirdre Joyce

Eleanor and Stephen Joyce

Ann and Kai Juel

Soo Ji Jung

Jane Kadlubkiewicz

Dianne T. and David R. Kaeli

Marla B. Kahn

Harry Kalajian

Kathryn L. Kalan

Tessa Kalarickal

Matilda Kallas

Susan Kalt

Jonathan Kamens

Marie Kamin

Rebecca B. Kaminsky

Maryann Kane

Paula Kane

Miliann Kang

  1. A. Kantor

Ellen Kaplan

Marlene Kaplan

Stephanie Karger

Katharine Karr

Connie Kastelnik

Joel D. Katz

Mary Lou Kaufman

Jennifer L. Kaukas and Daniel T. Quinn

Kathleen Keane

Jack Keeler

Margaret Keenan

Mary E. Keenan

James and Dorothy Keeney

Allan B. and Kathleen G. Keith

Charles J. Kelley

Shannon Kelley

Conrad Hanson and Brendan Kelly

  1. Louise Kelly

Rachel Kelly

Stephen J. Kempainen

Leah Kendall

Alicia Kennedy

Stephen D. Kennedy

Michelle C. Rose and Dennis C. Kent

Martin  and Margaret Keogh

Daniel Keohane

Nannerl and Robert Keohane

Emily Kernan

Lisa and Les Kernan

Pattie Kernan

Sally McMurry and Barry  D. Kernfeld

Chris Kerr

Angela Kessler

Judy and David Kessler

Henry Kettell

Samuel Keyser and Nancy Kelly

Amrita Khanna

Sarah Kiamie

Thomas Kieffer

Hannah Kilson and John Kuchtic

Vivian Kimball

Elisabeth King

Rebecca King

Janine and Scott Kinnison

Aggie and Nicholas Kip

Barbara Kiperman

Mimi Kirchner

Louise B. and Ivan H. Kirsch

Susan Kish

Joan Klaski and Steve Malpezzi

Janet Klausner

Lawrence Klein

Robert Klein

Shelley Klein

Barry Kleinman

Martha D. and Ronald E. Kleinman

Katherine Klohr

Ruth A. Knopf

Zofia B. Knowles

Nancy and Sidney Knowlton

Charlotte Knox

Ehud Koch

Tom Koch

Kathryn Kochan

Irene E. and John J. Kochevar

Stephanie Koerber

Ronald Koltnow

Lillian Konowitz

Linda Kopec

Beverly Kostas

Martha J. Koster

Siddharth Kotian

Carol Kountz

Ruth E. Kowal

Marian Kowalski

Fabian Kozynski

Lisa K. and Roger L. Krakoff

Beth and Martin L. Kramer

Beth Kramer

Evelynne and Fred A. Kramer

Maura McEnaney and Kenneth Krause

Megan Krause

Bernard E. Kreger

Jane L. Kreinsen-King and Anthony T. King

Mette Kreutzmann


Igor Krigman

Robert M. Krikorian

Anush Krishnan

Jeanine Kronish

Anne Kruger

Maureen Kseniak

Susan Kuecker and James Graham

David Kuieck

Gregory Kushmerek

Mike Kutter

Jennifer Kuzmick

John Kyper

Jeff Labrecque

Ronald V. Lacro and Jon P. Schum

Brian Lahan

Carol Laibson and Steven Goldberg

Danielle Lajoie

Kate and Tom Lakin

Kathleen Lally-Hascak and Michael Haschak

Timothy D. Lamb

Maydee G. and Nelson P. Lande

Thomas J. Landro

Kathleen M. Lang

James M. Langan

Lorraine R. and Harvey W. Lappen

Joanne Laptewicz-Ryan

Patricia Larash

Jeanne Larkin-Henry

Donald Larsen

Judith A. Larsen and Eric T. Quinto

Kenneth Larsen

Neil Lasky

Catherine Lastavica

Corinne Lathbury

Jo-Anne Latino

Justine and James Laugharn

Holly C. Laurent

Ann LaVigne

Rebecca Lawlor


James Lawton

Elisabeth and Michael Lay

Charlotte Layton

Jessi Lazcano

Rebekah Lea

Harold Leach

Jacqueline H. Leach

Marianne and Frederick LeBlanc

Meryl S. LeBoff, M.D.

Deborah Lee

Erica Lee

Henry  Lee

Kendra Lee

Rebecca A. Lee

Nancy G. and Kenneth A. Leeser

Charles Leidner

Karen Leitner

Charlotte Lellman

Joan Lenington

Christina Lepre

Tom Leung

Marina and Yiannis Levendis

Reva Levin

Harris B. Leviton

Eden and Benjamin Levy

Gareth and Howard Levy

Heidi Lewis

Helena Lewis

Judy Lewis

Miriam Lezak

Patricia M. Libby

Robert Lichtenstein

Conrad Liebenow

Ashley Paschall and Ethan K. Liebermann

Karen Lieff

Karen and John D. Lifford

Pauline Lim

Kathleen T. Hagelston and Richard Limbursky

Marie Lindahl

Richard Lindzen

Amy Linsky

Don Lipsitt

Chelsea Litalien

Alexandra Bowers and James C. Liu

Gina Liu

Abby Llona

Lisa Llorente

Lyn Lloyd

Amory Logan

Angela Long

Veronica J. Lordan

Antonio Lorenzo

Arthur Loridas

Marie Louis

Christine  Louise

Margaret Ann Lourie

Suzanne Loveland

David Lowe

Quang Lu and Chi Tay

Sarah Luchansky

Nancy Ludwig

Nai Yee Lui

Siu Ming Luie

Cecilia Lulli

Joseph Lust

Joyce Bowden and Adam Lutynski

Lucy A. Lynch and Sangit Chatterjee

  1. Bridget Lynch

Kathleen Lyons

Maryellen Lyons

Sandra N. Lyons and David B. Lyons

Natalie Lysne

Nicole Lytle

Ruth MacArthur

Jean E. MacDonald

Laurie MacDougall

Ann C.  MacFate

Joseph Maciora

Tracy MacNeal

Sandy Madero

Maren Madore

Brian Madsen

Laurence Maguire

Jessica Maher

William Maher

Howard  C. Mahler

Anne E. Mahoney

Lois A. and Paul F. Mahoney

Francis X. Mahony

Donald Maier

Mary B. Maisel and Charles A. Valentine

Amanda Majewski

Jane Malatesta

Robert L. Malster

Shari Malyn and Jonathan Abbott

Jill Maneikis

Martha Mangelsdorf and Roy Peabody

Charu Manglani

Divya Mani

Shannon Manzi

Ann Marchette

Virginia W. and Keith A. Marcotte

Nell Margolis Borgeson

Laura Mariani

Linda Markarian

Marina S. Markot

Dennis Maroney

Alison Marotta

Jean A. Martin

Michele Martin

Vanessa Martin

Audrey Martinez-Gudapakkam

Sandra Marwill and James Jampel

Stephanie Marx Jones

Valerie Masin

Pamela Talbot and Lawrence O. Masland

Virginia Massa

Peter J. Massicott

Mary Mattei

Michael C. Matzkin

Mika K. and Nelson L. Max

Lorraine A. Maxwell

Maureen Mayer

Leslie and William Mayo-Smith

Catherine Mazza

Mary M. McAuliffe

Janet McClain

Tina McCormack

Ann McCormick

Connal M. McCullough

Diane and James McDermott

William S. McDermott

Margaret D. and Thomas McDonagh

Maryellen McDonagh

Kathleen  McDonnell

Estelle McDonough

Jill McDonough

Mary R. McDonough

Walter K. McDonough

Daniel B. McDuffie

Michael P. McEleney

Linnea V. and John L. McFadden

Geraldine C. McGlynn

John F. McGovern

Tracy and Frank McGrath

Elisabeth and Robert McGregor

Michele T. McHugh

William McIntosh III

Christopher McIsaac

Ashley  McKenelley

Cynthia  McKeown

Nancy L. and Robert A. McKie

Phoebe McKinnell

Sonya  and Richard McKnight

Whitney and Matthew McKnight

Zachariah McLean

Lillian M. McLoughlin

Stephen McMillan

David McMurtry

Eric McNulty

Jeff McSweeny

Lynn McWhood

Theresa Meckel

Lawrence Mee

Linda Meech

Jason Meehan

Elaine B. and Peng-Siu Mei

John H. Meissner

Carolyn Meklenburg

Deborah Beatty Mel

Jacqueline Melick

Steven Mello

Caroline Mellone

Mary Anne and Bob  Mellone

Karen Mendelsohn

Christina Mendrinos

Phyllis Menken and Tobias Yarmolinsky

Ann Menting

Elise Mesedahl

Claire  Messina

Marilyn Meuninck and Judith Solman

Elizabeth P. Meyer

Amy Michaels

Mary Michaels

Ronni Michaelson

Margaret Michaud

Elizabeth M. Miel

Sara and Forrest Milder

Dennis Milford

Sally Millar

Abigail Miller

Claudia Miller

Elaine L. Miller

Elaine Miller

Kathryn Miller

Lorraine L. and Scot A. Miller

Margaret Miller

Margo Miller

Sherry Miller

Courtney Minden

John H. Miner

Alison and John E. Miniter

Steven A. Minkwitz

Dana S. Berg and Robert B. Minturn

Linda Miranda

Donald Mitchell

Gwendolyn E. Mitchell

Carole Mitnick

Philip Mittleman

Amanda Moe

Haytham Mohamed

Richard Monarch

Brooke Moncrieff

Mary R. and Michael J. Moniz

Sherry E. and Derek A. Monroe

John E. Montgomery

Sandra Moody

Carole Mooney

Jane Moore

Penelope Moore

George Moran

Margaret L. and Michael K. Moran

June Morelili

Kathryn Morgan

Marilyn Morris

Mary J. Morris

Ruth E. Morris and Peter G. Kelly

Patricia Morris-Beeler

G.E. Morrison, Jr.

Shelby Morrison

Beatrice Morse

Herbert E. Morse

Robert H. Morse

Virginia Morse

Kathleen Moscone

Dana L. Moser

Frances R. Moss and Ellen P. Conti

Wanda J. and Ronald R. Mourant

Daveda Movitz

Richard Moyer

Eleanor  Moynihan

Edmund Mroz

Suzanne Mrozak

Jean E. Mudge and Timothy  Sullivan

Janean Muhammad

Patricia S. Mukherjee

Mary Mullen

Mary V Mullen Miele

Paul Mulligan

Peter A. Mullin

Brindha  Muniappan

Lauren A. Munschauer and Timothy Dunn

Alice Mural

Brian Patrick Murphy

Geneva A. and Oscar Murphy

Lee-Ann Murphy

Mary J. Murphy

Philip  Murphy

Stuart Murphy

Cynthia D. Murray

Patricia Murray

Robert J. Murray

Mary Murtagh

David Musket

Susan H. Myerow

Sarah Nafis

Kristine P.  Nagle

Doris A. and William E. Napier

Liz and Steven Napolitano

Julie Nardone

Andrew Nash

Kameel Nasr

Anita Nasra

Kali Nave

Anubhav Nayak

Ariana Nedelman

Linda Dallas and Joseph Nee

Nancy Neenan

Jillian Nelson

Liz Nelson Weaver

Nancy J. Nersessian

Paul Neumann

Tanya and Howard Newburg

Yvonne Ng

Huy Ngu

Henry Nguyen

ThuyNhung Nguyen

Wendy and James Dorsey

Barbara Nichols

Amanda Nicholson

Rebecca and David Nickerson

Rosemary and Carl E. Nielsen

Anella T. Nies

William Nitkin

Nuchine Nobari

Sharon L. Nolan and James C. Rosenfeld

Patricia A. Noonan

Jenny and David Norcott

Eric Norman

Katherine Tallman and Peter Norstrand

Laura Northrop

Gabrielle Nosek

Edward Noymer

Marilyn G. Nutter

Margaret F. Nylen

Jane O

Suzanne Oakley

Josephine Obelsky

Mark O'Brien

Maura M. O'Brien

Maureen O'Brien

Patricia O'Brien

Timothy J. O'Brien

Jeanne O'Connell

Terese and Patrick J. O'Connell

Ellen M. OConnor

Mary K. O'Connor

Sandra E. and Michael C. O'Connor

Susan ODonnell

Jill H. and Richard A. Oetheimer

Lady Of Rossmore

Seater O'Hara

Elaine M. Ohlson

Peter O'Kelly

Dora V. and Marc L. Older

Ellen L. O'Leary

Esther Oliva

Barbara Lewis and Richard F. Olivo

Victoria and Richard Olken

Franklin Ollivierre

Andrea Olmstead

Nancy W. Olson

Sally OMalley

Beverly Arsem and Thomas J. O'Malley

Sheila O'Malley

Helen Onthank

Shelley Ophir

Elizabeth E. Oppedisano

Victor Ortale

Jance Ouellette

Pamela Pacelli

Michael Pachos

William Pacitto

Melissa Padley

Theresa Padula

Rita Pagliuca

Jonathan Palazzolo

Vita Paldino

Jack Paleczny

Mary Palermo

Gerard Pallotta

Nina Palmer

Laurence Roy Palmeri

Jeremy Palumbo

William J. Pananos

Janelle Panosian

Eugene Papa

Sridhar Pappu

Diana Parad

Marc Paraison

Daniel Paris

Roberta L. and Stephen J. Paris

Karen F. Parker

Joan Parrish

William J. Parrow

Michael S. Parson

Paul Paschetto

Brett N. Pasinella

Julia Patten

Daniel Patterson

Katherine P. Patterson

Elizabeth Patton

Mary L. Pauli

Dragana Pavlovic

Carl Pearson

Joyce Pearson

Riva Pearson

Matthew Peck

Pamela Peifer

Kitty D. and Tony Pell

Doris  and Victor Pena-Cruz

Bernard Pendleton, Jr.

Lewis Pepper

Joseph Perkell

Susan Perl

Barbara and Donald Perlo

Amanda and Matt Perrone

Ruth Perry

Elisabeth T. Peterson

Seema and Eric Peterson

Jane Petro

Loumona Petroff

Barbara Petroulis

John Petrowsky

Ray Pfeiffer

Alice Phalen

Anh Pham

Elizabeth N. and Ervin Philipps

Ferna Phillips

Margery Phillips

Jessa S. Piaia

Laura Nicholson and Paul Piccirillo

Irene Pien

Jacqualine  Pierce

Jocelyn Pierce

John Pierce

Florencia Pierri

Richard Pierson

Theodore W. Pietras

Frank Pilholski

Gretchen Pineo

Rachel Pinsky

Dorothy S. Piranian

Judith Planchon

Rebeca Plank

Joy and Robert Playter

Marilyn Plotkins and Glenn Litton

Arthur Podaras

Ronald Poindexter

Valerie Polk

Esther Pomeleo-Fowler

Mary-Jo Porcello

Tami  Porter

Sally G. Portle

Valerie K. and Larry M. Post

Katherine Potteiger

Robert Potter

Joseph L. Potts

Maria  Poulakis

Maureen E. Power

Steven D. Power

Carol D. Powers

Marie E. and James P. Powers

Rachel and Vinay Prabhakar

Charles Pratt

Jill and John Preotle

Imelda and Charles Price

Wendy and Michael Price

Al Prince

Susan Pritchard

Gayle R. Procopio

Michael Prokosch

Ann Marie Pucillo

Sarika Pundit

Robert V. Qua, Jr.

Karen Quigley

Louise R. and Charles K. Quigley

Robert Quigley

Barbara L. and Thomas L. Quinn

Ellen Quinn

Ellen Quinn

Luisa Quinti

Deborah Raboy

Catherine Racer

Raffiani Family Foundation

Lisa and Thomas Ragno

Elizabeth Raible

Luka Ralic

Edward L. Ramsdell

Norman Ramsey

John  Ranck

Beverly and Gerald Randall

Nicole Randall

Scott Randall

Verna Rankin

Dorothy and Raymond Raposa

Deborah and Vassilios D. Raptopoulos

Peter J. Raskauskas

Anne E. and Charles Raso

Jennie Rathbun

Ruth Rauch

David Ray

Susan B. Harlor and William F. Ray

Barbara Reade

Floranne Reagan

Karen Reaney-Johnson

Martha and Abram Recht

Anne P. Reece

Rebecca Reeves

Joan Regan

John X.  Regan

Nancy Rehkamp

Patricia  Reid

Harold Reilly

John Kevin Reilly

Laura Reiner

Ann and David Reisen

Peter Reiss

Lisa and Robert Reitano

Thomas Remington

John A. Renner, Jr.

Catherine  Reppucci

Julie Rioux and Stephen A. Revilak

Barbara Reville

Wendell E. Rhine

Judi S. Ribbler and Anthony S. Freedman

Anthony Ricci

Joan Rice

Kevin Rich

Lana M. Rich

Adrienne G. and Randall L. Richard

Brenda Richard

Donald O. Rickter

Dorothy  Rifai

Marguerite Riley

Avery Rimer and Richard Weissbourd

Paola Rios-Schaaf

Edward Rist

Michael P. Ritz, Jr.

Mary Rivet

Deb Rivkin and Bruce Haggarty

Fran Rivkin and Amy Macdonald

Rita Roberto

Val Roberts

John Robertson

  1. Dann Robinson

Stephen  Rockwell

Halina and Jan Roczniak

Myung S. W. and David J. Roderick

Patricia and John E. Rodgers

John Rodrigues

Lissette Rodriguez

Laura H. Rogers

Richard Rogers

Malcolm Rohrbough

Miguel Roma

Julie Romandetta

Stephen Romano

Lisa Romeo

Jennifer   Ronquillo

Allan Ropper

Andrew Rosen

Abby Rosenberg

Deirdre and David W. Rosenberg

Andrea and Harvey Rosenthal

Ann L. Ross

Jane Ross

Sarah G. Ross

Sharryn E. Ross and Jonathan G. Truslow

Margaret Ross Link

Julie Roth

Laurie Rotman

Kathleen M. Rowan

Carol Rowe

Sarah Rowley

Arlene Rubin

Carol Steinberg and Jerry Rubin

Paul A. Rufo

Mary E. and Joseph E. Rull

  1. Ann Ruma

Jessica Ruprecht

Mary Ann Ruscito

Helen Russell

Matthew Russell

Peter Rust

Paula Ryan

Emma Saavedra

Patricia and Norman Sabbey

Deborah and Michael Sabin

Susan Saccoccia

Gary Sachs

Salvy Sacro

Lucy Sagansky

Elaine  Sager

Gregory J. Sakal

Amy Sales

Phil Salhaney*

Florence Salzman

Leah Samanta

Andredonne Samedy

Richard Sampson

Debra San

Grace Sannella

Frank Santangelo

Ana Santisteban

Barbara Santoro

Lidia Vitiello and Steven J. Santoro

Eric Sargent

Gina Sauceda

Ella and Tedd Saunders

Shirley Saunders

Barbie Savacool

Richard Savoy

Ellen Sawyer

Carolyn and Paul Sax

Constance M. Scanlan

Daniel Scanlan

Anne T. Scanlon

Ellen M. and Patrick J. Scannell

Amy Scarlino

Barbara and Michael Schaefer

Mark Scharf

Judith C. and Michael N. Schatz

Lemoyne N. and Jay M. Scheiner

Franklin Schlerman

Cynthia and Peter Schliemann

Esther Schlorholtz and Joseph Hunter

Arthur Schneider

Scott Schreiber

Henry Evan C. Schulman

Carol A. Schultz

Warren M. Schur

Penny Schwartz

Erica Schwarz

Albert Scott

Yukari Scott

Marie Louise and David Scudder

Gail Scully

Ruth E. Scully-Hall

Mary T. Scurio

Lin J. Searles

Natalie M. and Stephen D. Sears

Katherine See

Alissa Segal

Joshua L. Segal

Julia Segale

Pamela Seigle

Grace L. and Marcel W. Seiler

Margot Seligman

Miriam N. Seltzer

Huseyin Senturk

Mary Ann Serra

Margaret Dalton Setchkarev

Electa Sevier and Jos Nicholas

Peter Sexton

Rosemary Seyfried

Laurel Sgan and Adam Kibel

William Shaevel

Sarah Saville Shaffer

Kathleen and Fereydoun Shahrokhi

Samantha Shalom

Emily J. Shamieh

Dorothy and Jordan Shapiro

Jeffrey Shapiro

Dorothy Share

Rachel Sharer

Lenora Shatkin

Robert Bruce Shaw

Patricia M. Sheehan

Margaret  A. Sheehan

Jeffrey Sheer

Anne H. Sheetz

Freeman D. Shepherd, Jr.

Ryan Sherer

Paul Sherman

Zoe Sherman

James Shibbani

Rebecca Shimshak

Linda Shinkwin

Shmalo Family

Robert Shuchatowitz

Mary Jean Shultz

Richard Siber

Marcelo Sieburger

Judith S. Siegel

Karen Siegel

Ora Gladstone and Mitchell H. Silver

Harvey A. Silverglate

Joy Silverstein

Mathilde Silverstein

Blanca G. Silvestrini

Martha Maguire and Oleg Simanovsky

Judith Simansky

Marie Simeon

Deborah J. Simmerman

Arlene T. Simon

Caroline Simon

John  Sims

Jeff Singer

Sarah Singer

Abhishek Singh

Darshan Singh and Jaswant Kaur

Susan L. Sinnott

Shao Situ

Judith Sjo-Gaber

Jon Sjogren

Patricia E. Regan and David M. Skeels

Michelle Skrobacz

  1. Sarah Slaughter

Jane Sloan

Arend Sluis

Caroline Smart

Barry N. Smith

Eleanor Smith

Karl  T. Smith

Manera Maloof Smith

Patricia and Gregory E. Smith

Sherley Smith

Susan Elsa Smith

William Smith

Jessica Snare

Emma Snyder

Veronica Snyder

Kiran So

Karen Lee Sobol

Benjamin Soder

Igor Sokolik

Aneesa Sonawalla

Alan M. Sooho

Diana Sorensen

Catherine Souther

Luiz Souza

Barbara Spears

Joseph Spector

Richard I. Sperling

Brenna  Spingler

Anne Spitz

Christine Spont

Eli Sprecher

Sara A. Martin and Marcus Springer

Bobbie Sproat

Ellen M. Staelin

Alexander Stafford

 Anna T. Green and George W. Stairs

Richard Stanley

Mary A. and Vincent P. Stanton

Chris Starkey

Marsha Staten

Maria Steele

Catherine  Steiner

Sherry A. Steiner

Elease Stemp

Paula Stenger

David Stephens

Arthur Stern

Julia Stevens

Fredericka Stevenson

Linda Holt Stewart

Maria Cristina J. Squeff and Mitchell P. Stokes

Aliza K. Phillips-Stoll and Ira E. Stoll

David F. Stone

Debra Stone

Martha S. and Sumner Stone

Elizabeth Storrs

John Stout

Wayne Strattman

Cheryl and Joseph Straut

Sigourney Street

Sheila Striar

Harold Strickland

Marta D. and Hugh Stringer

Michael and Bridgit Strodder

Kelli Strong

Siu Wai and Richard C. Stroshane

Harborne W. Stuart III

Laurie A. Ciardi and Alexander E. Sturke

Theodore Sturman

Raphael Sulkovitz

Cornelia A. Sullivan and Jeffrey M. Slaiby

Joseph Sullivan

Karen Sullivan

Mary C. Sullivan

Patricia Ann Sullivan

Patricia Sullivan and Terry Vazquez

Anoop Sundaresh

Ilene R. and Geoffrey H. Sunshine

Bhargav Surma

Pamela Svec

Anne Swanson

Carmella Sweeney

Paul F. Sweeney

Kimberly Sweet

Lois Swirnoff

Nouman Syed

Mary Sylva

Sonia Sylvanovich

Sarada Symonds

Emily J. Synk

Mark Szarko

Judith M. Sze

Margaret W. Taft

Carrie Tai

Kevin S. Tait

Patrick Tally

Mary Tamez-Foley

Jonathan Tan

Beverly Tangvik

Jay Tarantino

Kimberly Hutchinson and Benjamin Tarlow

Richard Tarrant

Stacey and David Tarrant

James Tartari

Daniel Tate

Susan D. Tatelman

Andrew Taylor

David Taylor

Elizabeth U. and David S. Taylor

Willie Taylor

Laurie and Matt Taylor-Curby

John J. Tegan, Jr.

Kelee Teodecki

Magdalen Teodecki

Thomas Terenzi

Tinamarie Terrasi

Mary Anne Thadeu

Nathan  Thaler and Hallie Silva

David Theran

The Howard Head Family Foundation

Carolyn A. Thomas

Christine Thomas and Peter J. Tabolt

Courtney Thomas

Jocelyn  Thomas

Michele Thomas

Sara Thomas

Britney Thompson

Kate Thompson

Mary Lou Thornburg

Joan and Ed Tiffany

Sheila Tighe

Joel C. Tillinghast

William  Toner

Philip Torgersen

Arthur Tornquist

Amy and Matthew Torrey

Richard B. Tourangeau

Monica Tovar

Robert J. Tove

John Towle

Kenny G.Y. Toy

Alison Trachy

Carol Trager

Carol Ann Trahan

Jessica Traynor

Sarah Bucknell Treco

Bruce Treut

Jessica Tropp

Doris Troy

John Douglas Truslow

Hwei Fang Tsai

Debbie Tsanotellis

Asher Tulsky

James Tulsky

Saundra Turyn

Dorothy Z. Tutko

Jane Twombly

Nancy Tye

Edward Tyler

Barbara Tyrrell

Maura Tyrrell

Sarah Tyrrell

Ethel Tzizik

Jennifer Uhrhane

Melika Uter

Lorraine Vaccaro

Janet Van Liere

Jaap van Reijendam

James Van Sciver

Sue Vanasse

Kofi Vanderpuye

Kim Vanderspek

William and Lisa Vanderweil

Priya Varatharajan

Darshna Varia

Fredericka T.  Veikley

Helen Vendler

Eve Versage

Martina Trevisan and Alessandro Vespignani

Samantha Vidal

Therese Vienot

Sebastien Vigneau

Lydia Villa-Komaroff

Cassandra Villarreal

Christopher Villatoro

Carol Visich

Maria Vitagliano

Phyllis Vogel

Lisa Volkening

Robert E. Wadlin

Nancy L. Waggner

Frederick Waht

Charles M. Waite

Cheryl Walker

George T. Walmsley

Barbara  Walsh

Jean E. Walsh and Graham Davies

Mary B. Walsh

Caroline Walton

John Wand

Xin Wang

Elizabeth G. Ward

Michael Ward

Diana J. Kleiner and Sam B. Warner

Pam Waterman

Judith Waters

Ashley Watson

Colleen Way

Jane Webber

Caroline Weber

Mary Weber

Susan Weber

Marie P. Webster and John B. Small

Mary and Steve Weeks

Thomas E. Weesner

David and Louise Weinberg

Jane Weinert

Boris Weintraub

Kim A. Weisberg

Marcia R. and Glen Weisbrod

Susan M. Weise

Alan Weiss

Eleanore W. Weiss

Sallyann Wekstein

Barbara Welch

Gwyneth Welch

Anne and Peter F. Weller

Luke H. Wenger

Sara Wermiel

Amy and Edward Wertheim

Erika West

Deborah Westaway

Catherine and Craig L. Weston

Benjamin Wetherill

Catharine Wetzel

Nannie T. and Frank J. Wezniak

Marjorie Whalen

Suzanne Whalen

Emily R. Wheeler

Richard Wheeler

Anne Wheelock

Debra Poaster and Brent Whelan

James Whelan

Constance V. R. White

Mariama White-Hammond

Susan Whitehead

Stephen Whitfield

Regina B. Wiedenski

Ann M. S. and Paul Wiencek

Andrea Wiethoff

Andrew Wiley

Margaret P. and Adero Willard

Linda Willey

Jon Wesley Williams

Miguel Williams

Walter Williams

Jane K. Williamson Charitable Fund

  1. Thomas Wilmot

Shirley J. Wine

Rachel and Mark J. Winkeller

Katherine B. Winter

Barbara Winthrop

Dr. Pamela M. Witcher

Karen Witherell

Rebecca R. Wittenburg

Nicholas Woebcke

Catherine Wolf

Steve J. Wolf

Joel Wolfe

William Wolff

Margaret Wolfson

Howard Wolk

Lou Wollrab

Merle Wolofsky

Suzanne L. Wones and Scott A. Lozier

Alexandra Wong

Donna  Wong

Shirley L. and Ronald Wong

Stephanie Wong

Emilie S. Woodward

Simone Worsdale

Dalena Wright

Xiaoyun Wu

Summer Xiao

Xia Xiao

Dong  Xiao

Chen Yan

Gregory C. Yannekis

Tzy-Jyun Yao

Ellen Yavner

Barbara and Hon Yee

Ozlem Yildirim

Joan Yospin

Kathleen and Stephen Young

Lily Yu

Yixin Yu

Penelope J. Yunuba

Karen A. and Philip Yuska

Susan B. and James R. Zach

Soghar Zahed

David J. Zahniser

Adrienne Zak Hunt

Vassilis Zannis

Sarah Zaphiris

Sima Zaslavsky

Tanja Zavasnik

Xiyan Zhang

Julia Zhu

Amity Rhae Ziegler

Barbara Zighera

James Zigmont

Mary Zimmerman

Shirley S. and Robert M. Zimmerman

Linda L. and Jerrold Zindler

Stephen Zinner

Rya W. Zobel

Deborah R. Zucker

Jaime Zuckerman

Lydia E. Zuehsow

Catherine Zusy and Samuel Kendall

Mary L. Zwirner and Gordon K. Bugbee

Pauline A. Zywaski

Anonymous (13)

Carolina Aguilar-Restrepo

Laurie Arnone

Ricardo Baratto

Kimberley Beaudet

Jhonnathan Beswick

Sonya Bhabhalia

Lucas Blackadar

Valarie  Burrows

Kristen Catanzano

Sandra Christison

Jeffery Clark

Reyes Coll-Tellechea

Josepha Conway

Sarah Cooper

Laurie J. Corkum

Jasmine Crafts

Schuyler Daum

Channel De Leon

Susan Edwards

Christine Eyre

Deema Farsi

Mary Fuller

Jerry Garcia

Erik W. Gehring

Erin George

Andrea Ginsburg

Fred Hapgood

Mark Hazel

Sydney Hodges

Ellen Ingerman

Jeffrey Jacobson

John Jayne

Stephanie Jernigan

Leah Kendall

Rebecca King

Ronald Koltnow

Anush Krishnan

James Lawton

Rebecca A. Lee

Gareth and Howard Levy

Laurie MacDougall

Connal M. McCullough

Courtney Minden

Donald Mitchell

Kali Nave

Yvonne Ng

Jenny and David Norcott

Jonathan Palazzolo

Jack Paleczny

Ray Pfeiffer

Sally G. Portle

Al Prince

Susan Pritchard

Margaret Ross Link

Phil Salhaney

Barbara Santoro

James Shibbani

Jane Sloan

Julia Stevens

Elizabeth Storrs

Anoop Sundaresh

Jessica Tropp

Kim Vanderspek

Samantha Vidal

Sebastien Vigneau

Suzanne Whalen

Mariama White-Hammond

Miguel Williams

Doree and Julia Barton

Faye Bobroff

Jeanette Cardia

Laura Augusta Carnes

Clare Carr McLaughlin

John A. Christians

Beverly Cleary

Richard Marean Coveney

Victoria T. Cronin

Robert Francis Dixon

Barbara Dugan

William A. Dwiggins

Bob Geene

Elizabeth B. Griffin

Edward Johnson

Jane Caroline Kiley

Colleen McGrath

Michael R. Mellone

Laura Monti

Josephine Murphy

Brian Patrick Murphy

James & Helen Neenan

Joan Onthank

Brian Reilly

Leonid Roytberg

William Wright, Jr.

Nahide Yildirim

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