Thank You to Our Supporters

The following individuals, foundations, corporations, and organizations made gifts and commitments to the Boston Public Library Fund between July 1, 2022, and June 30, 2023. We deeply appreciate their generosity and support.

~ Deceased
^ Includes restricted gift
* Three years consecutive giving

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list. We apologize for any errors or omissions. Please report any corrections to

Thank You to Our Supporters

The following individuals, foundations, corporations, and organizations made gifts and commitments to the Boston Public Library Fund between July 1, 2022, and June 30, 2023. We deeply appreciate their generosity and support.

~ Deceased
^ Includes restricted gift
* Three years consecutive giving

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list. We apologize for any errors or omissions. Please report any corrections to

Founding Investors

These enlightened funders committed to the 2019 launch of the Boston Public Library Fund through generous, capacity-building grants. Their investment demonstrates their steadfast belief in growing private resources to bring the Boston Public Library to new heights of innovation and achievement. 

Bank of America Charitable Foundation  
Barr Foundation  
The Boston Foundation 
Liberty Mutual Foundation  
State Street Foundation  

Named Endowed Funds

Endowed fund donors provide a lasting gift with both immediate and long-term benefits to the Boston Public Library Fund. Gifts are maintained in perpetuity and are a powerful permanent legacy of financial support.  

Dorothy F. Alker Trust Fund for the Uphams Corner Branch  
Louise H. Allen Fund 
BPL General Fund 
Howard Cooper LGBTQ+ Endowment Fund 
Fidelity Fund 
Lynch Fund 
Diane Martel Fund for Children’s Programs 
Leonard and Barbara McCue Fund 
Dr. Nellie Walent Wilson Fund 
William O. Taylor Fund 


Lifetime Donors of $1 Million or More

Bank of America Charitable Foundation 
Estate of Howard Cooper 
Sherry and Alan Leventhal 
Amelia Peabody Charitable Fund 
Margret and H. A. Rey~ 
Estate of Peter Sheldon 
State Street Foundation 

Institutional Donors

The following foundations, corporations, and organizations made gifts and commitments to the Boston Public Library Fund between July 1, 2022 and June 30, 2023.


Bank of America Charitable Foundation^ 

Cummings Foundation^ 

National Endowment for the Humanities^ 

PDB Foundation^* 

State Street Foundation, Inc.^*



American Tower Foundation^* 

The Highland Street Foundation^* 

Liberty Mutual Group^* 

Eric & Jane Nord Family Fund^* 

Point32Health Foundation^ 

The Mabel Louise Riley Foundation^

Bain Capital Children's Charity, Ltd.^* 
Bernstein Private Wealth Management, Boston^ 

Ernst & Young^ 

Institute of Museum and Library Services^ 

Richard K. Lubin Family Foundation 

MFS Investment Management^ 

PNC Foundation^

The 1156 Foundation 

John W. Alden Trust^ 

Argosy Foundation 

Boston Bruins Foundation^ 

The Catered Affair* 

Evans Moser Family Charitable Fund* 

Maxine Myers Foundation 

National Grid Foundation^ 

Saquish Foundation^* 

Tiny Tiger Foundation^* 

TJX Foundation^ 

Verizon Foundation^* 

Westra Family Charitable Trust 

Congress Wealth Management  

The Edgerley Family Foundation 

Goldman Sachs & Co.* 

The Offensend Family Foundation 

Ropes & Gray LLP 

Shawmut Street Charitable Gift Fund*

Beacon Hill Garden Club^ 

Blackbaud Giving Fund 

BNY Mellon Charitable Gift Fund 

The Brennan and Cianciolo Family Fund^* 

The Robert Cushman Woods Van Nostrand Fund 

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation* 

Gunderson Dettmer 

Hirsch Roberts Weinstein LLP 

Hiscox Foundation USA 


Pegasystems, Inc.^ 

The Racemaker Charitable Fund at The Chicago Community Foundation 

Razzaque Family Charitable Fund* 

Sanofi Genzyme* 

Wolf and Co. 

Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, P.C. 

Harold L. Wyman Foundation Inc.* 

Patrons of the Courtyard

Patrons of the Courtyard recognizes annual leadership donors who are committed to ensuring the Library remains viable, engaging, accessible, and free to all. The following members made gifts and commitments to the Boston Public Library Fund between July 1, 2022 and June 30, 2023. 


Lewis and Rinda Burleigh* 

Linda and Daniel Cummings* 

Grace and Ted Fey* 

Jeffrey and Christa Hawkins* 

Sherry and Alan Leventhal^* 

Anonymous (2)  

Barry Canton and Reshma Shetty 

John and Maureen Hailer* 

Barbara and Amos Hostetter* 

Nancy and Richard K. Lubin 

John Abele* 

Charity Alker^ 

Caroline Arnold 

Hanna H. and James T. Bartlett 

Jenna and Aaron Bates^* 

Anita and Josh Bekenstein* 

Kristine P. Browne^ 

Douglas E. Carney* 

Leslie and Peter L. Ciampi^ 

Kimberly F. Davis and Scott McDonough^ 

Richard W. Donoho* 

Frances S. and Michael J. Goldberg 

Matina S. Horner 

Michael and Martha Keating* 

Paul and Mimi La Camera* 

Jeannie and Jonathan Lavine 
Nancy and Richard K. Lubin 

Louis D. and Cheryl Maiuri* 

Megan and Alex Marconi 

Amelia L. McCarthy and Drew Carlson 

Barbara and Leonard McCue^ 

Sandy Moose* 
Susan Moser and Thomas Evans 

Nancy L. and Mark D. Myers* 

The O’Hanley Family 

Lia and William Poorvu* 

Greg Shell^* 

Cheryl K. and William Swanson^ 

Christian and Sophie Westra* 

Carlotte N. Berk* 

Jane Brock-Wilson* 

Carolyn O. Carlson* 

Roberta L. Cohn 

John J. and Agnes M. Cullinane 

Dawn E. and Mark E. Donovan* 

Sandra and Paul Edgerley* 

Stephanie and John C. Fan^ 

Marilyn Fife Cragin and John Cragin^ 

Hannah and Jack Grove* 
Ida and Palmer G. Hale 

Donna Harris Lewis 

Elizabeth L. Johnson* 

Myrna K. and Roger Landay* 

Leo Liu and Pendred Noyce* 

Jane R. and William S. Mosakowski^* 

Janet and David Offensend* 

Jill and John Preotle* 

Susan D. Prindle^ 

Shimna Sameer and Sameer Ramkrishnan 

Philip W. Rosenkranz* 

Kay L. and Stanley F. Schlozman 

Megan and Raymond Sullivan^ 

Nancy and John W. Webster* 

Anonymous (3)  

Irene F. Bocella 

Lynne Brainerd and Michael Douvadjian 
Kathleen Brennan and Gerald Cianciolo 

Peter Cahn 

Marianne M. Callahan 

Allie and Tom Campbell* 

Karen Carter* 

Kymm Coveney 

Cheryl and Jack Cronin 

Mack L. Davidson III* 

Kenneth Freed 
Christine Fuchs* 

Jean Gibran 

Ileen Gladstone* 

L'Meese Greaney 
Rosemary Jackson 

Terence M. Janericco*
D. Lamb and Gardner N. Stratton

Marva Nathan 

Jennifer M. and Victor Paci* 

Valerie K. and Larry M. Post* 

Sue and Bernie Pucker* 

Paula and Robert Sakey* 

Emily Schabacker* 

Katherine Grace Welch* 

Dyann and Peter K. Wirth* 

Planned Giving

The following donors are members of the 1848 Society, which recognizes and honors individuals who have included the Boston Public Library Fund in their long-term financial and estate plans through a charitable bequest, beneficiary designation, gifts through retirement accounts, and other legacy gifts.

Anonymous (3) 

James T. Bartlett 

Kristine P. Browne 

Irene Christopher~ 

Peter L. Ciampi 

Howard Cooper~ 

Steve L. Csipke 

Angel M. Dejesus 

Esther M. Engelman~ 

Albert Engleman~ 

Arlene Hines~ 

Mary Alice Howard 

Terence M. Janericco 

Marlene Kaplan
D. Lamb and Gardner N. Stratton

Teresa F. Mazzulli~ 

Christine McCarron 

William J. McLaughlin 

Marva Nathan 

Kathleen McDermott and William Nigreen  
Arlene B. Pikin 

Sally G. Portle 

Susan D. Prindle 

Peter Sheldon~ 

Julie M. Wood 

The following donors participated in the Boston Public Library Fund’s first-ever Bequest Challenge, an effort to raise awareness and interest in legacy giving. These donors had a current-use gift made in their honor, increasing the impact of their support. 

Irene Christopher~ 
Howard Cooper~ 
Albert Engleman ~ 
Esther M. Engelman~ 
Arlene Hines~ 
Teresa F. Mazzulli~ 
Kathleen McDermott and William Nigreen

Individual Donors

Conservators are individuals who made a sustaining commitment to support the Boston Public Library Fund through automatic donations between July 1, 2022 and June 30, 2023. This reliable, ongoing support allows the Library to set goals and plan for the future.  

Anonymous (17)  
Carolina Aguilar-Restrepo* 

George Allen 

Jennifer Aller 

McKenna Allred 

Jennifer Alosso 

Laurie Arnone* 

Noushin Ashrafi 

Ricardo Baratto* 

Kimberley Beaudet* 

Jhonnathan Beswick* 

Sonya Bhabhalia* 

Lucas Blackadar* 

Erzinete Borges 

Bek Bowen 

Coleen Brown 

Anne Burns 

Valarie Burrows* 

Donna Carver 

Kristen Catanzano* 

Arzu Ceviz 

Lauren Chow 

Sandra Christison 

Peter Cipriani 

Jeffery Clark* 

Adria Colletti 

Reyes Coll-Tellechea* 

Josepha Conway 

Sarah Cooper* 

Laurie J. Corkum* 

Jasmine Crafts* 

Nalin Dahyabhai 

Helen Dajer and Patrick Skerrett 

Schuyler Daum* 

Kennet Deen 

Ashley Dionne 

Wendy and James Dorsey 

Joshua Eddy 

Susan Edwards* 

Carmen Elenberger 

Christine Eyre^* 

Deema Farsi* 

Patrice and Frederick Ficken* 

Timothy Finley 

Deborah Foley 

Barry Ford 

Nicole Frahm and Steven Gwost* 

Mary Fuller* 

Sabine Galvis 

Jerry Garcia* 

Margaret Gebhard 

Erik W. Gehring* 

Erin George* 

Andrea Ginsburg* 

Ruth Goldsmith* 

Abelee Groff 

Samantha Halloran 

Fred Hapgood* 

Brittany Hartman 

Mark Hazel* 

Tayla Holman 

Ellen Ingerman* 

Jeffrey Jacobson* 

John Jayne* 

Stephanie Jernigan* 

Dianne T. and David R. Kaeli 

Kwang Kim 

Rebecca W. King* 

Ronald Koltnow* 

Anush Krishnan* 

Kristina Kuewa 

James Lawton* 

Rebecca A. Lee^* 

Channel De Leon 

Gareth and Howard Levy* 

Margaret Ross Link* 

Sam Lipson 

Laurie MacDougall* 

Kathleen Mahoney 

Maegan Maloney 

Janet Markman 

Gemma Martin 

Audrey Martinez-Gudapakkam 

Connal M. McCullough* 

Dianne McKenzie 

Natacha Meyer 

Courtney Minden* 

Donald Mitchell* 

Nicole Mushero 

Elizabeth Nagarajah 

Kali Nave* 

Yvonne Ng* 

Carol Niederbrach 

Jenny and David Norcott* 

Monica Pacheco-Tougas 

Jonathan Palazzolo 

Jack Paleczny* 

Carlos Parra-Herran 

Genevieve Peterson 

Ray Pfeiffer* 

Sally Portle* 

Al Prince 

Kayla Pringle 

Susan Pritchard* 

Emily Roessel 

Rachele Rosi-Kessel 

Rania Said 

Phil Salhaney* 

Barbara Santoro* 

Michael Sheridan 

James Shibbani* 

Jamie Simchik 

Jane Sloan* 

Jennifer Smith 

Renee Spinner 

Julia Stevens* 

Elizabeth Storrs* 

Anoop Sundaresh 

Raegan Thomas 

Magdalena T. Tosteson 

Daniel Trask 

Kim Vanderspek* 

Sebastien Vigneau 

Megan Walsh 

Brittany Warren 

Suzanne Whalen 

Mariama White-Hammond* 

Miguel Williams 

Liz Wright 

Tanja Zavasnik* 

Using the power of their social and digital networks, the following individuals raised funds from hundreds of donors to support the Boston Public Library Fund between July 1, 2022 and June 30, 2023. 

Chrissy Beluk  
Stephanie Bendeck  

Marvia Bright  

Colin Campbell   

Chris Canton  
Brigid Charest  
Rob Cocuzzo  
Kasey Cox  
Brian Freiwald  

Jack Gallagher  

Lea James  
Quincy Kayton  

Caroline Lee  

Gabriella Mandart   
Matt Newton  

Jessica Paquette  
Ali Pepe 

Todd Plummer  
Sara Pratt  
Sameer Ramkrishnan 
Jonah Robison  
Tyler Russell 
Hailey Swett  

Rebecca Vandervoorn  

Nancy S. Adams and John A. Burgess*

Sarah Baker and Timothy K. Albright

Zamawa Arenas and Murray Forman*

Jenny A. Baglivo

Suzanne R. Bass

Gordon H. Bither

Justin Bohn

Linda R. Boodro

Jacquelyn Borck and Howard B. Cutler*

Ben Bradlee, Jr.*

Cathy Brennan

Julia and Mark Casady*

Jennifer Chow and John F. Papandrea*

Joan and Frank Christison-Lagay*

Susan and Brian A. Clancy

Cynthia Clark*

Mardge Cohen and Gordon Schiff*

Meghan Cooper and Neil Nabar

John P. Custy, Jr.*


George  P. Denny

Mary N. and Alphonse DePalma*

Priscilla Douglas

Doris R. and Walter L. Downey*

Jennifer Engel

Laurie and Michael A. Ewald

Anna Fahey-Flynn

Patrice and Frederick Ficken*

Gail Flatto

Kathy and Martin Fogle

Nicole Frahm and Steven Gwost*

The Racemaker Charitable Fund at The Chicago Community Foundation

Christine Fuchs

Mary Fuller*

Betsy and Mark Gabrielson

Kate Walsh and Erik Garpestad

Penny and Richard Garver*

Anne Gotfredson

Michael Gram

Sylvia E. Green*

Susan and Michael Haley*

Sarah E. Hancock*

Danielle Chow and Benjamin Harris*

Margaret Holda

Rosemary Jackson

Julie Fogarty and Daniel Jeng

Cynthia M. Jones*

Claudia Davidoff and Joseph Kahan

Miriam H. Kanter

John Kim

James T. Knowles*

Susan G. Kohn*

Anush Krishnan*

Sandra and Mark Kryder

Cori and Stephen J. Lable

Justine and James Laugharn*

Catherine Thut and Derek Lessing*

Roy Y. Liu*

Maryellen Lyons and Carleton H. Laporte*

Mary R. McDonough*

Elizabeth Grace McEniry

David McGrath

James F. and Katherine S. McHugh*

Colleen McKiernan*

Susana Mitsis

Kimberly M. and Richard Mooney*

Susan M. O'Connor*

Mary and Theodore Papastavros

Olga Pitel

Sally Portle*

Megan Price

William Rawn, Cliff Gayley, William Rawn Associates, Architects

Michael Roitman*

Aparna and Philip A. Rolfe*

Alina Roytberg*

Laura K. Scarbro

David Scudder

Pamela and Marc Seigle^

Becky Silverstein*

Sherley G. Smith*

Patricia R. and David F. Squire

Joseph F. Szymanski

Katherine and Benjamin Taylor^*

Karen A. Vagts*

Cornelius Vandervoorn

Emily V. Wade*

Kim M. Wentworth

Lynn P. and David Wooten

Alicia Yee Ma

Adrienne Zak Hunt

Sarah Zaphiris

Corinne L. and Gerald Adler

Lee and Nile Albright

James Anderson*

Kathleen A. Armstrong*

Wendy Ballinger

Judith E. Robinson and Michael J. Barza

  1. Marshall Beale*

Kathleen Beckman and Theodore Postol*

Nancy and Reinier Beeuwkes*

Caitlin Boodro

Kelli and Stephen K. Brannan

Lucy E. Hadden and William B. Brockman*

Geraldine Caplan

Casendino Family Fund

Jason Cassidy

Paula Thompson and David B. Chosiad^

Michael Cohen*

Clare Conley

Heather Cousson

Charles Culp*

André, Marilyn and Erik Danesh Charitable Fund

Elizabeth and Nicholas Deane*

David Dolinger

Ellen Donaghey*

Marie-Pierre and Michael W. Ellmann*

Joanne D'Alcomo and Stephen Elman

Sarah and Brian Epstein

Esta G. and Robert Epstein

Martha A. Erickson*

Phyllis C. Fairchild*

Timothy Finley

Tracey and Joseph Flaherty

Elaine and Kevin Foley*

Orla Furey

Robert and Jill Gallery*

Sheila and Howard Galligan Fund*

Jeffrey Garland*

Ross Gelbspan*

Karen and David M. Gemmett*

Sheila M. and Ronald D. Geraty*

David Goldenheim

Laurie Gould*

Hamima Halim

Malcolm C. Hamilton

Wendy Hamilton*

Joanne Hayes-Rines and Robert Rines*

Zita and Jacob Hesterman^*

Edith Mead Holway

Daniel L. Houle and James F. Keegan^

Martha G. and William Hull*

Holly and Bruce Johnstone Charitable Fund*

Soo Ji Jung

Jennifer L. Kaukas and Daniel T. Quinn*

Sally McMurry and Barry  D. Kernfeld*

Jade Kling

Jennifer Koonz*

Katharine and Tom Kush*

Kate and Tom Lakin*

Dr. Maydee G. Lande and Dr. Nelson P. Lande

Rebecca A. Lee^*

Eden and Benjamin Levy*

Karen and John D. Lifford

Nancy Ludwig*

Adam M. Lutynski

Katherine V. Matasy and Vance R. Koven

Ann McCormick*

Beatrice Morse*

Lauren A. Munschauer and Timothy Dunn^*

Jillian Nelson

Henry Nguyen

Sharon L. Nolan and James C. Rosenfeld*

William J. Pananos*

Sylvain Paris

Kitty D. and Tony Pell*

Rebeca Plank

Joy and Robert Playter*

Robert Potter

Robert Quigley

Raffiani Family Foundation*

Logan Read

Barbara Reade

Dorothy and John J. Remondi

Barbara Reville

Karen Rheinlander

Edward Rist*

Deb Rivkin and Bruce Haggarty

Rachel Rock

Cynthia and Peter Schliemann

Ryan Schwarz

Jocelyn Silvester

Martha Maguire and Oleg Simanovsky

Carole Simpson

Paul Sorum*

Mary A. and Vincent P. Stanton*

Elinor Svenson

Andrew Taylor*

David V.N. Taylor

The Howard Head Family Foundation*

Kate Thompson*

Joel C. Tillinghast*

Meghan Truchan

Hwei Fang Tsai

Richard Voos*

Dalena Wright*

Linda L. and Jerrold Zindler*

Margaret D. and Bob Ackerman

Julie Rohwein and Jonathan Aibel*

Courtney C. and Ben P. Allen*

Louise Todd Ambler*

Intiya Ambrogi-Isaza and Nicholas Ambrogi

Agustin Andrade

Maya Anjur-Dietrich

Heather Banic*

Ricardo Baratto*

Elyssa  Barrett

Carol Beasley*

Christine Beluk

Katharine C. Black*

Lucas Blackadar*

Emily Blatt*

Susan Blumenthal, M.D.

Carol Boggs

Julianna Bond

Elaine F. and Timothy M. Bowe*

Taylor Brennan

Ben Broadhurst

Casey Brock-Wilson

Kevin Brotman

Katy T. and Andrew M. Brunner*

Laurie and Robert J. Bubencik*

Deborah and Jerald D. Burwick

Chris Canton

Stephen Capuzzi*

Frank Carbone*

Karen  Carroll

Neil Carroll

Erin and Ryan Carroll

Cassidy Family Foundation*

Kalli Catcott

Leonard Cercone

Ling-Se  Chesnakas

Mary E. Chin

Jeffery Clark*

Sherryl W. and Gerard H. Cohen

John Collins

Patricia A. Connolly*

Josepha Conway

Kasey Cox

Maureen E. Cullinane*

Julia Curley

Jennifer Cusack

Theresa Czarcinski*

Maura Dacey

James Dalsimer

Mary J. and Louis F. Dambrosio

Carl F. Danielson*

Hanna Danziger

Schuyler Daum*

Jeff and Dana Davis Charitable Fund

Lauren DeMarco

Michele F. Demarest and John D. Patterson, Jr.*

Paula and Reed Dickinson

Kathleen T. Donohue and Mark Sanders*

Timothy Douros*

Amy Driscoll

Julia  Dunn

Johanna Dwyer*

Nicole Enriquez

Joan C. Shea and Robert B. Eskin*

Rita F. Fahy*

Douglas Fambrough^

Deema Farsi*

Peter A. Fejer

Margaret A. Felice*

Ruth E. Fitch

Joan FitzGerald

Cathy Flanagan

Linda D. Forry

Liam Fortin

Susan Frank

Jessica Franks

Jessica Gagnon

Sandra Galejs and Peter Warren*

Dan Gauger

Faye B. Gilfoy

Helen T. Gillcrist

Andrea M. Golden and John B. McManus*

Anna Goldenheim

Richard Goldstein*

Smita Gopinath

Happy  Green

Lindsay and Garth H. Greimann*

Vijaya Gumpina

  1. Ryan Gunsalus*

Mianne M. Hanley^

Chloe Hansen-Toone

Anna Harris

Joan B. and Michael S. Hass*

Paul Hastings and John Murphy

Angela and Paul Heffernan

Ann Higgins*

Deborah Snyder and Charles Hitchcock

Frederick Hufnagel*

Ellen Ingerman*

Maximillian Ives

Pamela  and Michael  Jackson

Adam Jaffe

Janet Jankowiak*

Brittaney Jean-Pierre

Shiaw-Juang Jen

Juna Jovani

Bonnie Katz

Jennifer Kaufman

James and Dorothy Keeney*

Sofia Kinton*

Jessica Knez

Ehud Koch*

Ruthlyn Kohn

Marianne Konikoff

Carol Kountz*

Evelynne and Fred A. Kramer*

Jeanine Kronish

Spencer Kuldell

Nicki Kwon

Catherine Lachenauer

James M. Langan*

Claire Lefevre

Alex Lefferts

Patricia M. Libby*

Amy Linsky*

Meryl Loonin

Erik Lund

Marlene Maescher

Amy Mahler

Anne E. Mahoney*

Kathleen Mahoney

Kurt Mansperger

Vanessa Martin*

Leslie and William Mayo-Smith

Michelle McCauley

Jeremy McCulla

Karen and Drake McFeely

Lucia Millham

Alison and John E. Miniter*

Donald Mitchell*

Lynda R. Morgenroth

Herbert E. Morse*

Margaret H. and William G. Morton

Mallory Murray

Sarah Nafis*

Jeannie Nakano

Yvonne Ng*

Anella T. Nies*

Laura Northrop*

Jane O

Helen Onthank*

Glenn Orlic

Miriam and Josh Ozer

Jonathan Parham

Jennifer Pascual

Elizabeth Patton*

Elizabeth N. and Ervin Philipps*

Kathryn Phillipson

John Pierce

Renee Plummer

Todd Plummer

Wendy and Michael Price*

Sarika Pundit*

Elizabeth Raible

Nicole Randall*

Mohak Rao

Martha and Abram Recht*

John X.  Regan*

John A. Renner, Jr.*

Judi S. Ribbler and Anthony S. Freedman*

Marvin Rocha

Nayeli Rodriguez and Nicholas Kelly

Anne S. and Dennis P. Rogers

Julia Romandetta

Andrew Rosen*

Deborah and Allan Roth

David A. Rountree

Kathleen M. Rowan*

Deborah and Michael Sabin*

Liz Salomon

Brian Sandstrom

Barbara Santoro*

Richard Savoy

Michael Scelfo

Eleanore Schroeder

Sarah Saville Shaffer*

Michael Sheridan

James Shibbani*

Michael Shinagel

Pauline C. Shire

Annie Short

Mathilde Silverstein

Michelle Skrobacz*

Amanda Slade

Rosalyn and Richard Slifka

Ryan Smith

Brenna  Spingler

Richard Stanley*

Courtney Stevens

Joseph Sullivan

Meg Swift

John Teodecki

Cidhinnia  Torres Campos

Maureen and John Towle

Sarah Bucknell Treco*

John Douglas Truslow

Benton Turnbull

Kim Vanderspek*

Lisa and William Vanderweil*

Alex Verdeja

Jennifer Verrillo

Lydia Villa-Komaroff*

Charles M. Waite*

Vivian Wang

Kirstin Wasden

Ashley Watson

Kristina Watts

Meghan Weeks

Joseph Weinstein

Susan Weitzenkorn

Anne and Peter F. Weller*

Luke H. Wenger*

Suzanne Whalen

Peter Williams

Catherine Wolf

Dr. Julie M. Wood

Brett Woodvine

Gregory C. Yannekis*

Ellen Yavner

David Yee

Kathleen and Stephen Young

Tanja Zavasnik*

Rya W. Zobel*

Tor Aarestad*

Eleanor D. Acheson

Patricia Ackad*

Eva Skolnik-Acker and David Acker

Michelle Ackerman*

Diana Acosta

Julianne Adams

Margaret  Adams

Cynthia Ade

Anne S. Agee*

Christine Agius

Nancy Agler

Carolina Aguilar-Restrepo*

Janice Ahearn

Kristina Aikens

Kate Aksadi

Jessica Alario

Irene M. and Richard H. Albert

Susan B. Albert

Katherine Aldrich

Beatrice Aldrich

Joseph C. Alexander*

Emily Allen

George Allen

D. Allen

Jeffrey Allen*

Lynne D. Allen

Leslie  Allen

Jennifer Aller

Samuel Allis

Miriam H. Allman

McKenna  Allred

Myron Allukian, Jr., D.D.S., M.P.H.

Amy Almeida*

Jennifer Alosso

Isabel Alvarez-Borland and Kermit M. Borland*

Catherine Alves*

Carl Ameno

Jennifer Ames

Floyd J. Amicone*

Theresa Ammirati

Vito Amorelli

Catherine Scott Amory*

Isabel Ancona*

Sarah  Anders

Jessica Andersen

Christopher Anderson

Diane Anderson

Gillian  Anderson

James Anderson

Justin Andolina

Helen Anis

Tricia Antico

Kathy M. Lutz and Brian P. Anton*

George S. Anzuoni

Roberta Apfel and Bennett Simon

Ciro Aprea

Mary Ann  Arabadjis

Evelyn and Jose Arana-Ortiz

Claudia Aranda

Ashley Arnold

Katie Arnold*

Laurie Arnone*

Joan Arnott*

Katharine B. Arnstein*

Alberto Arrighi

Diana Arterian

Joseph Arthur

Lois H. Arthur

Mildred M. Asano

Sheila Ashe

Noushin Ashrafi

Marielle Asselin

John Aubrey*

Aoife Austin

Nadya Avanesova

Rosanne Aversa and Michael A. McCormick*

Anna Avery

Anita Axson

Lorraine M. Azar

Janice and Stephen Babcock

Jean M. Babcock*

Kelly Babson

Dena Bachman

Katharine  Bachman

Marie Bagarella

Eileen Bagley

Maura Bagley

Brenda J. Bailey*

Linee Baird

Catherine Baisly

Catherine  Baker

Judith K. Baker

Harish Bakka

Gentian Bako

Caroline Baldwin

Carol S. Ball

Jessica Ballert

Alma Balonon-Rosen and Mitchell Rosen*

David M. Banash*

Michael Barber

Nancy Barber

Bryan Barbieri

Jonas Barciauskas

Glenn Barest

Dena E. Barisano

Marla S. and Robert H. Barker*

Steven Barkin

Ilene Barnwell

Maiyim Baron

Kelsey BaRoss

Deb Barrett

Nancy Barricklo

Margaret C. and Robert L. Barry

Michael Sullivan and Edward Barton

Lynn G. and Edward F. Basch*

Joseph Bates

Rachel Batista

Jody Baum

Cindy Baxter

Jason Baybutt

Deborah Bayer

Larry Bayer

Nelson Bazan

Randall Bean

Janika Beatty

Kimberley Beaudet*

Audra Beaujon

Diane Beauvais

Sally Beecher and Harold Moren*

Deborah Y. Beers-Jones*

Marina Beirne

Peter Belina

Yolie Belizaire

Ashley Bell*

Jeanne Bell

Jil A. Westcott and John G. Bell

Katherine  Bell

Keith Bell

Katiuska  Bello

Phoebe Belsley

Emily Belthoff

Noelle Benavides

Saige Benavides

James Benjamin

Olivia Benjamin

Marjorie and Ross Benjamin*

Ruth A. Bennett

Tyler Bennett

Carol Benson and Peter Doubilet*

Michael Bentinck-Smith*

Rita Benullo

Laura A. Benvenuto

Alexander Berardi

Molly Berenbaum

Amy Berenson

Grace Berestecki

Emily P. Berg

Julia Bergeman

McKey W. and James S. Berkman*

Nancy Berliner*

Nancy S. and David S. Berman*

Fred Bernardin*

Jerry M. Bernhard*

Kathie Bernstein

Jhonnathan Beswick*

Kim Beuttler

Susannah Beyl

Sonya Bhabhalia*

Sharad Bharadwaj

Harshad Bhavsar

Kathleen Bianchi

Renee Bianco

Philip C. Bibb*

Nicki A. and Richard J. Bibbo

Fred Bieber

Joseph  Bierwirth

Alpine C. and Donald J. Bird

Thomas Birmingham*

Susan Bisaillon

Maureen Bitler

Leslie and Paul Blachman*

Richard J. Black*

Barbra Blair

Connie Blaszczyk

Rina M. Bloch*

Charles Blomquist

Joanne Blondin

Debora Bloom

Nancy L. and Jacob L. Bloom*

Laura K. and Steven H. Bloom

Casey Blossom

Edward Blumstein

Sarah Boardman*

Anna Bobrov*

Lorraine Bock

James F. Bogue*

Karen Book

Rosalie and John Bookston*

Donald J. Borchelt

Leslie A. and Frank P. Bordonaro

Mary J. and Jeffrey T. Borenstein

Erzinete Borges

Gail and Paul Bork*

Irene Borowicz

Bridget M. and John M. Bosley

Ruth Bottigheimer*

Blake Boudreau

Janet L. Boudreau*

Mary Boudreau

Barbara Bowe

Bek Bowen

Edith H. Bowers*

Richard Bowers

Deborah Hadley and Gregory Bowman

Barbara Boyce

Mary E. Bracken

Blerta Braka

Sherrylyn Branchaw

Bill Braun

Helen O. Braun*

Lorraine and Eric R. Braxton

Meredith Braza and Jonah Robison

Catherine Breen

Jessica Brenn

Sandra Bresnick

Carol A. and Dennis J. Brewster

Maxine and Mark Bridger*

Thomas J. Brien*

Molly Brigham

Justin Broderick

Thomas Broderick

C D  Broderick

Ellen R. and Jonathan M. Brody

Marybeth Bronson

Oscar Brookins

Malia Brooks

Coleen Brown

Edward Brown*

Lauren Brown

Judy Garber and Myles Brown*

Winfield Browne

Alexandra Brueckner

Karyn Brundige

Angie Y. Brusch*

Derick Bryant

Robert Bucelwicz*

Amy Bucher

Patricia G. and Paul S. Buddenhagen

Richard J. Buirkle*

Donald Bunn

John N. Buonopane, Jr.

Francisco J. Buot

Rayna Burdette

Frances O. Burford*

Brian Burke

Andrea Aaron-Burke and Christopher T. Burke

Susan M. Burke*

Kimberly Burman

Anne Burns

Brandon Burns

Robert Burr

Valarie Burrows*

Kristina Busa

Jeffrey Buschel

Fay and Julian Bussgang

Susan M. Wadlington and David M. Butler*

Lauren Butters

Karen Byrne

Therese Byrne

Christine Bystrov

Rudolph J. Cabral*

Gamze Cabuk

Carola Cadley

Peter Caesar*

Diane A. Caiani

Nina Calabresi and Bob Oldshue^

Albert Calderon

Ann W. Caldwell

Doyle Calhoun

Ann Callahan

Christine Callahan

Daniel Callahan

Deborah Callahan^

Robert K. Callahan

Barbara Callan-Bogia*

James J. Calmas*

Kantigi K. Camara

Gerald Caporicci

Stephen Carbone

Sharon Carey

Julia G. Carlson

Jean  Carney

Emily H. Carolin and Brandon Majmudar

Cynthia Carpenter*

Karen Carpenter

Catherine Carr

Shirley A. Carr*

Christopher Carroll

Diane M. and David B. Carter

Matthew Carter

Molly Carter

Donna Carver

Lennie Carver

Pamela Carver

Kay W. Case

Sarah E. Casey

Ellen Cashman

Florence S. and Robert L. Casper*

Kristen Catanzano*

Sarah Caughey

Kenneth F. Caulfield*

Stephen Cavalear

Victoria H. and Vincent Cavaseno

Constance Cervone and Janet Deegan

Lori Cetrino

Arzu Ceviz

Daniel Chak

Doris Champagne

Celine Chan

Elidi Chan

Nicole Chan

Rosalind H. and Steven Chan

Jenny Chan Yuen*

Aparna Chandrasekhar

Cynthia and Steven Chapra*

Brigid and Brent Charest

Eunice A. Charles*

Petcharin Charoenkul

Lori Chase

Marilyn R. Chase

Nicole Chatt

Sharmila Chatterjee

Jasmine Chehaiber

Clara Chen

L Chen

Pei Hsuan Chen

Shiwen Chen

Victor Chen

Yue Chen

Laura Cheng*

Michael Chesson

Anne  Chetty

Michele Chiampa

Alaina Chin

Salvatore Chiodi

Caitlin Chiquelin

Yinung Chiu

Hilda and Bob Chow

Lauren Chow

Yen Leng Chow

Richard Chrisman

Sandra Christison

Allyn Christopher

Gail Chu

Paushou and Daniel C. Chuang*

Susan E. Ciampa*

Margaret M. and Daniel R. Cianfarini*

William Ciccariello

Peter Cipriani

Ayanna Clark

Leigh Clark

Rhonda E. Starkey and Raymond K. Clark*

Thomas V. Clasby*

Aubrey Clayton*

Amy Cleaveland-Hudson

Cathleen and Dan Clemens

Cynthia Clemons*

Herbert  Clifford

Kathleen Clough

Anne L. and Alan A. Coakley*

Stephanie Cochran

Joel Cochrane

Mark Cocuzzo

Brad Coetzee

Camille M. Coffey

Deborah Coffey

T Coffey

Dayl Cohen

Marcia B. Leavitt and Andrew H. Cohn*

Breana Cole

Adria Colletti

Lisa Colli

Nancy A. and Joseph M. Collins*

Manley Collins

Steven J. Collins

Teresa Collins

Reyes Coll-Tellechea*

Ruth and Richard J. Colwell*

Kirk Companion

Andrew Conahan

Ileen Conn*

Caitlin Connolly

Elaine M. Connolly*

MaryAnn Connolly

Steve Connolly

Thomas E. Connolly*

Agnes M. Connors

Maura M. and Eugene P. Connors*

Amanda Conrad

Patrick J. Conroy*

Deborah L. Contrada

Michael Conway

Joseph Coon

Sarah Cooper*

Jennifer Coplon and Robert Frank*

James Copper

Charlotte Corbett

Lucia L. Corbett*

Julia A. Corenzwit*

Margaret M. Corkery*

Laurie J. Corkum*

Charles Cormier

Julie Cormier

Cynthia Cornelius

Elizabeth Corrigan*

Tchad Cort

Mike Cosgrove

Joao Costa

Anita Koury and Theodore Costantino

Catherine E. Costello*

Roberta A. Schmidlein and James L. Costello

Patricia Elen Costello*

Joel Couch

Dennis Coughlin

Kelley Coughlin

Sally and William Coughlin

Haley Councillor

Elaine M. Coveney and Robert E. Dynes*

Mary Lou Coveney

Jasmine Crafts*

Linda E. and David L. Crafts*

Hilary Kenneth Crasco

Catherine Creecy and George Providakes*

W.E. Douglas Creed*

Claire Creelman

Deborah Creer

Mikayla Criger

Danny Crocker

James Croghan

John H. Cromwell

Ann and Joseph Cronin*

Alanna Crouse

Joseph Crugnale

Catherine Cryan

Susan Cubar and Thomas J. Jordan

Analia Cuevas-Ferreras

Elaine M. Cullinane*

Sandra L. Cullison*

Lenore S. and Jon D. Cummings*

Deirdre Cunnane

Helen Cunniff

Frank Cunningham

Patricia A. Cunningham and Samuel W. Kennedy*

Mark Curby

Marco L. Curnen

Cameron Curtin

Luisa Cusick

Michael B. Cutler

Haley Cutter

Alexander Cvancara

Mary Ellen  Czerniak

Marjorie M. Daggett*

Rosemary Daggett*

Arthur A. Dahl*

Nalin Dahyabhai

Patricia A. Daley*

Diane Dalton

Kathleen Dalton

Veda J. Daly

Roberta R. and Louis E. Damelin*

Karla Damus

Marty Dang

Sarah Daniel

Al Daniels

Martha F. Daniels

Bruce Skiles Danzer, Jr.

Norman Daoust

Suryasarathi Dasgupta

Yunji Davenport

Lloyd David

Maureen David

Elaine and Charley Davidson*

Linda Davidson

Annie Davidson Watson

John Davin

Becky Davis

Maria and Dennis M. Davis*

Dianne P. and Kenneth J. Davis*

Ellen Davis

Kenneth Davis

Linda B. Davis*

Nancy Davis

Paul Davis

Tim Davis

May and Carl Daw*

Megan Dawe

George P.  De George*

Channel De Leon

Nushelle de Silva

Dale Anna Dean*

Maura Deedy

Kennet Deen

Patricia A. Dooley and Donald T. DeGrandis

Charles Y. Deknatel*

Cheryl Delaney*

Maria Delaney

Patricia A. and Douglas R. Delay

Evelyn and George Delegas*

Susan Demarest

Annette  Demby

Keri Deming

Ellen Deraney

Gail Derderian

Dorothy Derifield*

Mary J. and Adolph F. Desalvo

Hilary Detmold and Dan Ryan

Eva B. and Eugene Deutsch

Susan Deutsch and Allan Metrick*

Sarah Devaney-O'Neil

Ellen J. Dewsnap

Matilda D. and Edmund S. Di Iorio*

Sofia Dibich

Kent A Dickey*

Kelsey Diemand

Marion Diener*

Sandra Diener

Patricia A. Digenio*

Marianna DiMaggio

Ashley Dionne

Christopher DiPietro

Jacquelyn-My Do*

Thu Do

Julie R. Dobrow*

Deirdre and Daniel V. Doherty*

Michael Doherty

David J. Donahue

Elaine M. Donahue

Ellen Donahue

Gerard J. Donahue

Kielan Donahue

Vincent L. Donlan*

Matt Donnelly

Susan Donnelly

Madelyn B. and Bruce Donoff

Timothy J. Donohue*

Mary Ellen Doona*

Kristen Dorsey

Richard A. Doucas

Donald Doucette, Jr.

Carlyn Dougherty

Kay Dougherty

Worth Douglas

Neal Dowling

Denise Downey

James Downing

Kristen K. Downing

Diana Dozier

Denise and Walter R. Dray

Derek Dreier

Jane  E. Dreskin

Liz Driscoll

Rob Driscoll

Madeleine Drouin

Sandra Drubner

Shanti D'Souza

Lydia Duan

Joan Dubis

Gerald Dudek*

Em Dufresne

Maeve Duggan

Gregory Dumas

Firuz Dumlupinar

Martha Dunbar

Dorothy Dunford

Laura Dunn

Lily Duong

Courtney Dwyer

Maureen Dwyer*

Maurice Dwyer

Carol Dyer

Melanie and David Dyer

Linda and Ron Dynneson

Judith M. Dzyak*

Nancy E. and Bruce E. Earnley*

Sally H. Ebeling*

Piers  Echols-Jones

Joshua Eddy

Scott Edmiston

Noel  Edwards

Susan Edwards*

Kathleen and John Egan*

Paul Egan

Judith and Marc Ehrlich

Johanna Ehrmann

Mary M. Eich

Joe Eid

Michelle and Adam Eisenberg

Amanda Ek

Elizabeth A. Eldredge and George L. Alexakos*

Carmen Elenberger

Anne D. and Stanley G. Elfbaum*

George Ellenbogen

Peter W. Elliott*

Tom Elliott

Richard Endico

Susan England Perullo

Gloria Ennis

Jessica Eno

Amy Entler

Gayle T. and Michael A. Epp

Yevgeniy Epshteyn*

Joel Epstein*

Benjamin Ericson

Michaele Esdale

Carol Estes-Schwartz

A'Llyn Ettien

Madelaine Eulich

Emily Evans

Selena Evans*

Timothy Evans

Christine Eyre^*

Frederick Franklin Fagal, Jr.

Kevin Faherty*

Elizabeth M. Fahey*

Carol Fahy

Alexander Fak

Susan Faldasz

Elsbeth T. Falk

Gina Marie Falk

Marinko Family

Iris M. and Robert Fanger

Marlene Faria Connelly

Jean Farley

Steve Farley

Loraine and Bruce Farmer

Joy Farr

Patrick Farrell

Robin R. and Paul A. Fast*

Diane M. and Nicola Favorito

Barbara A. and Jonathan A. Fay*

Eileen T. Fay*

Muhammed Shaffi Fazaludeen Koya

Mary J. and Richard Feeney

Peggy Feldman

Zach Feldman

Ryan Fennell

Gail Fenske and Don Cecich

Beth and Richard Fentin*

Gay Ferguson

Kathleen Ferguson*

Marsha Ferrara

Carolyn Ferrell

Mary Ferriter

Judith Ferry

Emma Feynman

Kenneth Fidler

Christine M. Field and Timothy J. Mitchison*

Kristin C. Field*

Diana Filar^

Janet M. Fillion and Richard  E. Laine

Sara Fils-Aime

Barbara Fine

Lewis M. Finfer

Sarah Finlaw

Katherine A. and Paul R. Finn

Rita Finn

Beverly Fior*

Jessica Fischer

Robert Fischer

Alice Fisher

John M. Fisher, Jr.

Maureen T. and Bernard L. Fitzgerald

Claire and John J. Fitzmaurice*

Aoife Fitzpatrick

Mary J. and Ronan J. Fitzpatrick

Judy Fitzsimmons

Erin Flaherty

Patricia C. Flaherty and Philip Pichulo*

Kathleen A. Flanagan

Carla J. Procaskey and D. Anthony Flanders*

Kate C. and Newell Flather

Philip Flattich

Ilene R. and Bruce R. Fleischer*

Judith L. Fleischman and Jeremy A. Stahlin

Mary K. and John F. Fleming*

Judith and Gerald Fleming*

Jacques  Fleury

BethAnne C. Flynn*

David L. Flynn*

Margaret Flynn

Susan L. and Paul Flynn*

Stephen Foell

Andrea Foggle Plotkin

Deborah Foley

Elizabeth F. Fong*

Richard E. Fontaine*

Kimberly Fontes

Ronald Fontes

Melissa Forbes-Nicoll and Campbell Forbes*

Barry Ford

Priscilla W. and Mark R. Ford

Mary L. Ford

Marshall Forstein

Harold Fortuin

John Foschio

Maryanna and Charles T. Foskett*

Amanda Fountain

Linda J Fowler

Barbara Fox

Danielle Fox*

Deidre L. Fox

Richard Fox

Donald Foxworthy

Paul Fragala

Matthew Fraleigh

Giovanna Franchi

Michael Franck

Meaghan Franco

Marie Lou Francoeur*

Donna Frankel

Felice Frankel

Louise Freedman

Joanne and Kevin Freeley*

Kayla Freeman

Dennis Freezer

Stephen Freidberg*

Brian Freiwald

Joyce G. and Lloyd S. French*

Mary M. French

Mary Jo Fresolo*

Claire Fruitman*

Sandra Fryhofer

India Fuller

Kathleen H. and Anthony H. Furman

Alexandra Furth

Carey Gacioch

Leslie and Michael Gaffin*

Deborah Gage

Thomas F. Gagen*

Elizabeth Gagliardi

Zach Galasso

Lauren Galinsky

Constance and Owen Gallagher*

Julie Gallagher*

Maura Ellen Gallagher*

Patricia  Gallagher

Stephen Gallant

Katherine Gallinaro

Sabine Galvis

Sharon L. Gamache

Khalilah Gambrell*

Leo Gameng

Nancy Gandhi

Sandeep  Ganesh

Michael A. Gangemi*

Diane Gantman

Robert Garber*

Guadalupe Garcia

Jerry Garcia*

Kristen Garcia

Bonnie Garmisa

Rachael Garnett

Haley Garofalo

Amy Garrett

Mini Garrett

Mary Gatter

Lisa Gaulin

Lauren B. McFalls and Robert T. Gavin

Margaret Gebhard

Sandra E. Geer

Robert C. Gehret*

Erik W. Gehring*

Phillip Genera

Dacia Gentilella

Andrew George

Ashish George

Erin George*

Teodor Georgiev

Lori Gerber

Monica Gerber*

Terri N. Gerber*

Madison Gerdes

Sofie Ghitman

Dorothy Giarla

Bryan Giblin

Patricia Gibson

Alma Giese-Heinrichs*

Margaret B. Gill

Oonagh E. and Michael  J. Gill

Eleanor Chin and Kevin H. Gillespie

Genevieve Gilroy

Andrea Ginsburg*

Ruth L. Ginsburg

Ilene K. Gipson and Henry T. Keutmann*

Christine Giraud

Kira Glassman

Robert H. Glotzer

Jo Martha Glushko

John Glynn

Patricia L. Godfrey

Julie Anne and Rolf Goetze*

Susan Goganian

Amy Goh

Ian Gold

Elise Goldberg*

Dana Goldense

Caron S. and Frederick T. Golder*

Jennifer and Ken Goldsmith

Ruth Goldsmith*

Monique M. and Jean-Francois Goldstyn

Carol A. Gonzalez*

Kimberly Goodman

Rachel Goodman

Rebecca Gorban

Brandon Gordon

Judith A. Hall and Frederick M. Gordon*

Linda Gorham

Gorsky Family Charitable Fund

George I. Goverman

David Govonlu

Maureen M. Grace*

Karen B. Graham*

Edward W. Grandin*

Liza Granoe

Elizabeth K. Grant

Michael Grant

Rachel Gravel

Danielle C. and Michael M. Gray

MaryLou and Herbert P. Gray

Elisabeth C. Green*

Marilyn B. and James F. Green*

Jordan Green

Karen Green

Sherrie Green

Nancy Greenberg

Aileen Greenberg-Kriner

Sandra C. Steele and Paul S. Greenfield

Rachel Greenhaus

Paul Greenland

Brianna Greenlaw

Vicki A. Greenstein

Mary Jewett Greer*

Christina Gregg

Grace E. Gregor*

Victor Gregory

Deborah Gregson and Paula O'Gilvie*

Janet Griffin*

Nancy E. Grilk*

Merilee and Steven H. Grindle*

Abelee Groff

Ashley Groffenberger

Charlotte Gross

Matt Gross

Lisa M. Grossi*

Fred Grosso

Gretchen Grozier*

Yue Gu

Sharon D. and Angelo R. Guadagno*

Gabrielle L. Guagliano Baron

Mark  Guenard

Domenic Guerra

Zoey Gulmi Khoury

Nancy Gulotta

Purba Gupta

Beth Gurney

Jennifer Gurtman

Nicole Gutierrez

Judith Gutis

Claire Guy

Anne Gwin

Daniel D. Haacker*

Maggie Haas

Hillary Hadley

Joan Hadly*

Audrey Hager

Bruce Haggarty

Monica H. Halas and Robert W. O'Connor*

Gary Hall*

Lillian M. and George R. Hallberg

Samantha Halloran

Helena S. and Bertrand Halperin*

Barbara Halpern

Joan Halpert

Brennan Hamby-Hopkins

Alexis Hamel

Luisa Hamilton*

Terrance Hamilton

Lois Han

Margot Hanford

Dean Hanley

Thomas Hanold*

Meredith Hanrahan-Boshes

Eileen T. Hansberry*

Fred Hapgood*

Kim Harari

Mary and Darrel Harmer*

Chanis Harpin

Joan G. Harrington*

Mary E. Harrington and Walter L. Landergan III

Rourke Harrington^

Canute Harris

Carol Harris

  1. William Harris*

Kathleen T. Harris

Meaghan Harris

Taylor Harris

Raymond Hart

Brittany Hartman

Carol Hartman*

Marjorie Hartman

Patricia A. and Michael J. Hartnett*

Shelby Harvey*

Rebecca Hasenfeld

Allyson Hatton*

Jill Havens

Katherine Hawes

Lauren Hawkins

Paul Hayes

Anne A. and William A. Hayward

Joan C. Hazard

Mark Hazel*

Aditi Hazra

Marcia Head

Linda Heald

Julia Heffelfinger

Karla Helvie

Stephen Hemrick

Roberta M. and William R. Henderson*

Trevania and John Henderson

George Henderson II

Nicolene Hengen

Imandi Herath

Alexander Hernandez

Dinorah A. Hernandez

Myriam Hernandez

Emma Hernández-Iverson

Jennifer Herrmann

Leah Herrmann

Carol Herscot

Rachel E. Hershfang and Wesley V. Williams

Miriam S. and Kenneth R. Heyman

Howard H. Hiatt*

Sheila H. and Matthew Hiatt

Kathleen Hickey*

Jessica Hiemenz-Woodbury

Bridget M. Higgins

Sara Higgins

Kathy Hill

Mary E. Driscoll and Luke R. Hill*

Suzanne D. Hill

Ingrid M. and Michael G. Hillinger*

Elizabeth Hilton

Karen R. and David J. Hinchen*

Kayleigh Hinckley

Lynda and Daniel K. Hines

Kathleen M. and David J. Hines*

Melissa Hines

Sarah Hinkle

Roger C. Hinman

Mike Hirsch

Erica Hirshler and Harold Clark*

Dien Ho

Beverly Rothfeld and Robert Hoch*

Gail-Matthew Hoffman

Louella Hoffman

Sarah Hofmann

Therese M. Hofmann*

Harrison Holcomb

Tayla Holman

Leslie and Lewis Holmes*

Scott Holmes

Patricia and Stephen Hoover*

Samantha Hordes

Walter M. Horn

Constance J. H. Horton*

Jane Ancrum Horton*

Lisa K. Houck and Alan Ringel*

Shannon  Hourigan

John Houton

Robert Houtz

Hugh Howard

Mary Alice Howard*

Pamela Howard

June and James Howe*

Kathy Howe

Joshua Hoxie

Blair Hu

Nancy L. Hudson

Judith A. Huenneke*

Emma Hughes

Charlotte Huguenor

Jean M. and Paul A. Humez*

Diana and G. Lee Humphrey*

Katherine A. and William F. Hunter

Ruth L. and Michael G. Hunter

Selene Hunter

Mary W. and Daniel J. Hurley*

Alexandra Husted

Dennis Huszar

James Hutchinson*

Elizabeth Huttner-Loan*

Charlene Hyle

Rebecca Ikehara*

Joo Hyun Im

Michael Inman

Michael Angelo Interbartolo, Jr.*

Tom Isacks

Juliana Ison

Richard M. Izzo

Charles Jabour

Chanel Jackson

Nicholas Jackson

Sheila  Jackson

Annette Jacobs

Jeremy Jacobs

Jeffrey Jacobson*

Lea James

Vincent W.  James*

Murray Janower

Victoria and Robert E. Jarras

Timothy Jarrett

Izzat Jarudi

John Jayne*

Nathan Jeffries

Darryl Jenkins

Sarah Jenkins

Karen Jenney

Michelle and Peter Jenney*

Stephanie Jernigan*

David Jerome

Felicia Jiang

Joy Jing

Anne Johansen

Nancy Johansen

Carole and James Johnson*

Dennis Johnson

Carolyn and Doug  Johnson

Elizabeth Johnson

Frederick C. Johnson

Kathleen and Gary Johnson

Greg Johnson

Hannah Johnson

Linda J. and Bruce M. Johnson

Megan Johnson

Paula C. and George R. Johnson

Wanda  L. Johnson

Robert D. Johnston*

Clara Jones

Kayla Jones

Kayla Jones

Robert Jones

Rosemary Jones

Stefanie Jones

Patricia  Jordano

Miriam Jost

Chelsea Joyce

Deirdre Joyce*

Eleanor and Stephen Joyce*

Ann and Kai Juel*

Maryann Juska

Dianne T. and David R. Kaeli

Sami Kafal

Martin Kalikow

Nikita Kalluri

Rebecca B. Kaminsky*

Neal Kane

Nicole Kanner

Marlene Kaplan

Leila M. Karam

Dana Karlsson

Ann E. Karpick

Katharine Karr*

Connie Kastelnik

Natalya Katalichenko

Joel D. Katz*

Sara Katz

Mary Lou Kaufman

Regina C. and John D. Kaufman

James Keane

Kathleen M. Keane

Colleen Keefe

Elizabeth C. and James H. Keegan

Janet Keeler

Jack Keeler^

Margaret A. Keenan

Mary E. Keenan*

Allan B. and Kathleen G. Keith

Laura E. Keith

Kristen Kelleher

Mary  E. Keller

Charles J. Kelley*

Scott Kelley

Abigail  Kelly

Erin Kelly

  1. Louise and James J. Kelly*

Miranda Kelly

Hannah Kempkes

Julia Kennard

Patrick Kennedy

Stephen D. Kennedy*

Kris Kent

Karen Kenyon

Daniel Keohane

Nannerl O. and Robert O. Keohane

Bridget E. Keown

Emily Kernan

Lisa and Les Kernan

Pattie Kernan

Caroline Kerr

Judy and David Kessler*

Henry Kettell

Samuel Keyser and Nancy Kelly*

Diane C. and Daniel A. Kidwell

Thomas Kieffer

Florence Kiggins

Hannah Kilson and John Kuchtic

David Kim

Kwang Kim

Sue Kim

Bryson King

Rebecca W. King*

Wendy King

Serinah Kingsley

Cathleen  Kinne

Deanna Kinney

Aggie and Nicholas Kip*

Janet Kirby

Susan Kish

MacKenzie Klarsfeld

Janet Klausner*

Ilene Klein

Jeffrey Klein

Lawrence Klein

Thel Klein

Martha D. and Ronald E. Kleinman*

RM Klevens

Katherine Klohr

Ruth A. Knopf

Zofia B. Knowles*

Julia Kobus

Irene E. and John J. Kochevar^*

Jarrod Koester

Pat and Joseph Kolakowski

Ronald Koltnow*

Sara Komorowski

Lillian Konowitz*

Emily Korest

Jordan Korgood

Lynne Kortenhaus

Martha J. Koster*

Thomas Koteles

Alexander Koure

Ruth E. Kowal*

Roman Krasikov

Marla Krauss

Bernard E. Kreger*

Igor Krigman*

Robert M. Krikorian*

Jonathan Kriner

David Kroopnick

Maureen Kseniak*

Anne Ku

Lora Kudisch

Kristina Kuewa

David Kuieck*

James Kukstis

Heidi Kummer, M.D.

Gregory W. Kushmerek

Mike Kutter*

Jennifer Kuzmick

Amy S. and Thomas Kwei

John S. Kyper*

Michelle Laczkoski

Dudley Ladd

Gail and Elliott Laffer

Sara LaFleur

Sydney Lagueux

Brian Lahan

Justina Lakinger

Arthur Laks

Marissa Lalli

Joel LaMarre

Elizabeth Lamontagne

Alexia Lancea

Sara and William Landergan

Thomas J. Landro*

Gillian Andrea Lane and Russell Mucklow

Mary Ann Lane

Kathleen M. Lang*

Loran Lang

Simona Lang

Winston E. Langley

Peter  Lans

Rebecca Lapeyre

Lorraine R. and Harvey W. Lappen*

Nestor Lara Baeza

Judith A. Larsen and Eric T. Quinto*

Jo-Anne Latino*

Marn Lau

Tom Laudate

Ann LaVigne*

Rebecca Lawlor*

James Lawton*

Elisabeth and Michael Lay*

Ida Lazar

Jacqueline H. Leach*

Joan LeBel

Kerri LeBlanc

Diane Lederman

Alyce J. and Patrick Lee

Erica Lee*

Henry  Lee

Julia Lee

Kendra Lee*

Ling-Ling Lee

Chapman Leedy

Nancy G. and Kenneth A. Leeser*

Hillary Leffue

Ramona Leibnitz

Charles Leidner*

David Leiwant

Charlotte Lellman

Anita M. Lemaire

Hipolita Lemos

Margot Lenhart

Jen Lesar

Emily Lesinski

Michael Leung

Taki Leung

Tom Leung*

Marilyn Levine

Yuriy Z. and Lyubov Y. Levit

Gareth and Howard Levy*

Heidi Lewis*

Helena F. Lewis

Paul Lewis

David Lewit

Lorena Leza

Miriam Lezak and David D. Martin*

Michael Li

Ruifeng Li

Tiffany Li

Christine Liang

Ashley Paschall and Ethan K. Liebermann*

Karen Lieff*

Pauline Lim*

Yoonmi Lim

Kathleen T. Hagelston and Richard Limbursky*

Jennifer Linares

Molly Lippold-Meinholz

Sam Lipson

Evalyn Lipton

Johanna Littlewood

Gina Liu*

Alexandra Bowers and James C. Liu*

Jingwen Liu

Molly Livingstone

Abby Llona*

Lisa Llorente*

Cassandra Lobe

Steve Loftus

Anusha Loganathan

Oscar  Londono

Angela Long*

Alli Loring

Marie Louis

Margaret Ann Lourie*

Mary Loutrel

Suzanne Loveland

Susann E. and Peter A. Low

Tatiana Lowdon

Karen Lu

Yifan Lu

Philip Lubik

Nai Yee Lui*

Cecilia Lulli

Alexander Lumans

Diane Lundegaard

Jiaming Luo

Thomas Lutz

Anna Lyon

Sandra N. and David B. Lyons*

Natalie Lysne*

Carlo MacDonald

Laurie MacDougall*

Ann C.  MacFate*

Joseph Maciora*

Anne Mackin

Tracy MacNeal

Elaine E. and George P. MacNeil

Maren Madore

Chris  Maeda

Lisa Magnano Bleheen

Laurence Maguire

Patricia M. Maguire

Beth T. Mahar

Jessica G. and Thomas D. Maher

Kathleen Mahin

Howard  C. Mahler*

James Mahoney

Lois A. and Paul F. Mahoney*

Carol H. and Ieuan G. Mahony

Susan Bell and Francis X. Mahony*

Mary B. Maisel and Charles A. Valentine*

Carolyn M. Major

Mayumi S. Makley and David P. Harrison

Carolann L. Malatesta

Rizwan Malik

Francesjec Maloney

Maegan Maloney

Robert L. Malster*

Donna Mandriota

Alexandra Mandzak

Martha E. Mangelsdorf and Roy A. Peabody*

Katelyn Mansfield

Barbara Mantegani

Karen B. Manulis

Shannon F. Manzi*

Noreen Manzo

Melinda Marcelo

Ann Marchette

Elizabeth Marcinkowski

Virginia W. and Keith A. Marcotte*

Eve Marder

Helen Margolin

Nell Margolis Borgeson*

Linda Markarian

Angela Markle

Janet Markman

Norma Markson

Craig B. Markwood

Alison Marotta

Cathy Marotta

Cheryl Marotta

Matthew Marra

Matthew Marsh

Christopher Marston

Gemma Martin

Jeremy Martin

John Martin

Sheila A. Dillon and John P. Martin

Lawrence A. Martin, Jr.

Martha Martin

Michele Martin

Reta Martin

Laurie Martinelli

Magdalena Martinez

Audrey Martinez-Gudapakkam

Sandra Marwill and James Jampel

Stephanie Marx and Keith R. Jones*

Valerie Masin

Pamela Talbot and Lawrence O. Masland*

Angel Mathis

Mary Mattei*

David Matz

Michael C. Matzkin*

Sherri Mayer

Maria C. and Thomas C. Mazzer

Rachel McArdle

Tage Lilja and Kevin  McAteer

Clare F. McAvoy

Donna and Francis X. McCarthy

Kira McCarthy

Lia McCarthy

Andrew McClellan

Ashley and Otis McClue

Nicole McCollem

Scotty McConnaughey

Ayana McCoy

Connal M. McCullough*

Diane H. and James McDermott*

Alta McDonald

Bridget McDonald

Danny McDonald

Lynne McDonald

Morgan McDonald

Ryan McDonald

Caitlin McDonold

Walter K. McDonough*

Christen McDuffee

Daniel B. McDuffie*

Theresa McEleney

Mary E. McElroy

Susan and Bernard F. McFadd

Linnea V. and John L. McFadden*

Lawrence N. McGinn

Geraldine C. McGlynn*

Joe McGovern

Joanne McGrath

Samuel McGraw

Betty McGuire

Michele T. McHugh*

William McIntire

Mary C. and John J. McIsaac

Blaine H. McKee

Dianne McKenzie

Phoebe McKinnell

Sonya  and Richard McKnight

John McLaughlin

Zachariah McLean

Lillian M. McLoughlin*

Claire McManus

David W. McMurtry

Eric McNulty

Alexandra McPeek

Jack McPhee

Jeff McSweeny

Jane W. Mead

Theresa Meckel*

Genesis Medina

Lauren Mednick

Leah Meehan

Marie Meehan

Elaine B. and Peng-Siu Mei

Caroline Meiners Nesbitt

Deborah Beatty Mel*

Wilfredo Melendez

Jacqueline Melick*

Stephanie Mello

Steven Mello

Mary E. and John J. Melody

Melissa Menefee

Anuradha Menon

Anjali Merchant

Amy Mercure

Judith J. Mercurio

Julia Meredith

Ana D. and Stephen Mernick

Alison Merritt

Christine S. and Alan R. Mertz

Brayan Mesa

Griffin Mesmer

Hendrik Messenger

Gail Metcalf

Marie Metzger

Elizabeth P. Meyer*

Natacha Meyer

Mary Michaels*

Margaret Michaud

Tyler Miguel

Dayron Miles

Dennis Milford*

Christie Miller

Claudia E. and Andrew P. Miller*

Dard Miller and Ed Huff

Elaine L. Miller*

Kathryn Miller

Kimberly Miller

Lisa Miller

Margaret Miller*

Margo Miller

Lorraine L. and Scot A. Miller*

Miranda Millerick

William Mills

Courtney Minden*

John H. Miner

Dana S. Berg and Robert B. Minturn*

Rae and Howard Mintz

Kathleen M. Miskiewicz

Emily Mitchell

Gita Mithal

Carole Mitnick

Kathryn Moakler

Haytham Mohamed

Ashli Molina

Jim Monaghan

Richard Monarch*

Mary R. and Michael J. Moniz*

Shannon Montanez

Rodrigo Monterrey

Sandra Moody*

Carole L. and Paul M. Mooney

Denise C. Mooney

Laura Moore

Penelope Moore*

Ronald D. Moore

Carolyn S. and George P. Moran

Margaret L. and Michael K. Moran

Elizabeth A. and Stephen V. Morgan

Kathryn Morgan

Carolle Morini

Elizabeth Jennifer Morris

Mary J. Morris

Ruth E. Morris and Peter G. Kelly*

Linda and Stephen A. Morris

Patricia Morris-Beeler*

G.E. Morrison, Jr.*

Linda Morrison

Shelby Morrison

Benjamin Morrow

Robert H. Morse*

Virginia Morse*

Kathleen M. Moscone

Donna L. Moseley

Carol E. Moses

Parinaz Motamedy

Jess Motyl-Szary

Raha Moussavi

Ken M. Moy

Richard Moyer*

Lynn Moynanan

William C. Moynihan, Sr.

  1. Teresa Mozaz

Edmund Mroz*

Suzanne Mrozak*

Jean E. Mudge and Timothy Sullivan*

Amy L. Battisti-Ashe and Michael J. Muehe

Elizabeth Mugo

Colleen Mullaney

Regina Mullen

Mary V and A John Miele

Peter A. Mullin

Alicia H. Munnell and Henry S. Healy

Pascale Carbonara and Marco Mura

Meghan Murdock

Michael Murphy

Philip  Murphy

Sean Murphy

Stuart Murphy*

Cynthia D. Murray*

Kyra Murray

Joan B. and Robert G. Murray

Robert J. Murray*

Mary Murtagh*

Nicole Mushero

Elizabeth Nagarajah

Ross Nanopoulos

Mary C. Napoli

Rachel Nason

Anita F. Nasra

Kali Nave*

Anubhav Nayak*

Tara Naylor

Diana Nearhos

Garrett Neff

Jordinn Nelson Long

Liz Nelson Weaver*

Nancy J. Nersessian*

Paul Neumann*

Paul  Nevins

Ryan Newberry

Barbara Newman

Fidelle Newton

Anh Nguyen

Long Nguyen

Thuy-Nhung Nguyen

Max L. Nibert

Wendy and James Dorsey

Patricia A. Nickerson

Carol Niederbrach

Elizabeth Niedzwiecki

Rosemary and Carl E. Nielsen*

Kathleen McDermott and Bill Nigreen

Christine Nihan

Robert Nissenbaum

Rosemary and William Nitkin

Michael Nola

Maxwell Nolan

Helen Noonan

Patricia A. Noonan*

Jenny and David Norcott*

Emily Norgal

Gregory Novak

Rebecca Noyes

Edward Noymer

Elsa Nunez

Michelle Nunez

Elianna Nuzum

Nikhila Nyapathy

Katharine O Beattie

Connor OBrien

Dennis O'Brien

Mark O'Brien*

Samantha O'Brien

Timothy J. O'Brien*

Jeanne O'Connell*

Terese and Patrick J. O'Connell*

Susan E. and Thomas J. O'Connell

Mary K. O'Connor*

Meghan O'Connor

Sandra E. and Michael C. O'Connor*

Kaitlyn ODonnell

Catherine O'Donnell

Caroline Ogonowski

Donna Ogonowski

Laura Ogonowski

Mary Ogonowski

Avery O'Grady

Russ Ohaver

Elaine M. Ohlson*

Tom O'Keefe

Peter O'Kelly

Richard Olans

Kerry OLeary

Esther Oliva*

Barbara Lewis and Richard F. Olivo*

Victoria and Richard Olken*

Franklin Ollivierre

Andrea Olmstead

Judith A. and Victor H. Olmstead

Merle and Arne Olsen-Storvik

Nancy W. Olson*

Louis O'Malley

Kathleen Onufer

Shelley Ophir

Elizabeth E. Oppedisano*

Jacquelyn O'Reilly

Laura F. Orlando

Raisa Orlova

Giselly Orozco

Fernanda Ortega

Kenneth Osgood

Maureen OSullivan

Maura O'Toole

Pamela Pacelli

Monica Pacheco-Tougas

Melissa Padley*

Rita Pagliuca*

Samantha Pagnotta

Jonathan Palazzolo

Jack Paleczny*

Mary M. Palermo*

Laurence Roy Palmeri*

J.C. Pankratz

Janelle Panosian

Diana Parad*

Marc Paraison*

Melanie A. and John J. Paras

Daniel Paris

Roberta L. and Stephen J. Paris

Amy Parker

Brandon Parker

Karen F. Parker*

Kristen Parnigoni

Carlos Parra-Herran

Joan M. Parrish

Michael S. Parson*

Jameson Pasek

Brett N. Pasinella*

Erika Pasko

Mandi Paszek

Annie Pates

Katherine P. and Michael E. Patterson*

Brightyn  Patterson

Sarah Paulsrud

Dragana Pavlovic

Toby Pearlstein

Carl Pearson*

Joyce Pearson

Frank Pelletier

Michael J. Peluso III

Robert Pemberton

Doris  and Victor Pena-Cruz

Julia Pepe

Lewis Pepper

Emma Perez

Victoria Perlman

Claire Peront

Ruth Perry

Vijay Persad

Janet M. and John F. Person

Elisabeth T. Peterson*

Seema and Eric Peterson*

Genevieve Peterson

Jane T. Peterson

Meghan Peterson

Nancy Peterson

Vsevolod Petriv

Jane Petro

John Petrowsky^*

Ray Pfeiffer*

Alice Phalen*

Anh Pham

Trina Pham

Tina Phan

Sarah Philbrick

Jessa S. Piaia*

Laura Piccione

Monika Pichler

Irene F. and Homer H. Pien

Jocelyn Pierce

Allene R. and Richard N. Pierson

Theodore W. Pietras*

Alex Pihlak

Patricia Pinado

Gretchen Pineo

Katie Pingitiee

Andrew Pinkard

Susan F. Pioli

Elisabeth Anne Piquet

Dorothy S. Piranian*

Jennifer Pletcher

Valerie Polk*

Joseph L. Potts*

Benjamin Poulios

Yvonne Powell

Maureen E. Power*

Steven D. Power

Anne Powers

Carol D. Powers*

Rachel and Vinay Prabhakar*

Charles Pratt*

Sally M. Sterago and Lesley T. Pratt

Rebecca Priest

Al Prince

Toni B. and Gregory S. Prince

Kayla Pringle

Mary Prior

Susan Pritchard*

Michael Prokosch*

Ann Marie Pucillo*

Yovanny Pulcini

Ann-Marie Puleio

Justin Pytka

Christina Qi

Robert V. Qua, Jr.*

Karen Quigley

Louise R. and Charles K. Quigley

Ellen Quinn

Ellen T. and Francis W. Quinn*

William Quinn

Amanda Quirk

Julia Quirk

Jennifer Rabiner

Catherine Racer*

Abigail Rajadurai

Shaun Ramsay

John  Ranck*

Beverly and Gerald Randall

Scott Randall

Gabriella Rao

Jonathan Raphael

Dorothy G. and Raymond J. Raposa

Deborah A. and Vassilios D. Raptopoulos*

Peter J. Raskauskas*

Jennie Rathbun

Ruth Rauch*

Mithil Kishor Raut

Susan B. Harlor and William F. Ray*

Suzanne L. and Peter C. Read

Toni A. Wolf and Edward Recka

Audrey Recupero

Angel Reed

Clayton Reed

Robyn H. Reed and Ford Cavallari

Harrison Reeder

Joan Regan*

John M. Regan IV

Nancy Rehkamp

Richard J. Reidy

Laura Reiner*

Ann and David Reisen*

Lisa and Robert R. Reitano*

Thomas Remington*

Douglas W. Rendell

Mary Reumuth

Julie Rioux and Stephen A. Revilak*

Malinda Reynolds

Anthony Ricci*

Amanda Rice

Mary D. Rice

Martha K. Richardson

Rochelle Richardson

Marguerite M. Riley

Ingrid Rios Schaaf

Lauren Ripley

Fran Rivkin and Amy Macdonald*

Kelsey Roach

Rosemary Robbins

Suzanne L. Robblee and Perry S. Cottrelle

Lynn Roberson

Rita Roberto*

Michael T. Robertson

Maria Robinson

Pearl T. Robinson

Ryan Robinson

  1. Dann Robinson

Bill Robison

Ellen Robison

Myung S. W. and David J. Roderick*

Richard Rodgers

John Rodrigues

Katherine Rodriguez

Maria Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez

Finora Rodriques

Emily Roessel

Paul Roessling

Vincent Roger

Laura H. Rogers*

Malcolm Rohrbough*

Miguel Roma*

Kate Rondorf

Diana Ronell

Berenice and Michael Ronthal

Nancy Rooke

Lucy M. Roosevelt and Stuart P. Rubinow

Susan S. and David H. Rosen

Abby Rosenberg*

Barbara Rosenberg

Deirdre and David W. Rosenberg*

Diane Rosenberg

Carol Rosenstock

Jonathan Roses

Rachele Rosi-Kessel

Elizabeth Ross

Sharryn E. Ross and Jonathan G. Truslow*

Margaret Ross Link*

Emma Rostock

Sarah Roth

Patricia and Allan I. Rothenberg

Denyse Q. and James R. Rotta

Kent Rouillard

Carol Rowe

Stephanie Roy

Arlene D. Rubin*

Linda Rubin

John Rudnicki

Paul A. Rufo*

Lizbeth Ruiz

Joshua Ruman

Jennifer Rumpza

Jessica Ruprecht*

Matthew Russell

Robert Russell

Nicole Russo

Ronald  Ruth

Angela M. and Donald F. Ryan

Geoffrey Ryan

Geraldine Ryan

Christie L. Dustman and Patricia A. Ryan

Paula Ryan*

Micheline and Steve Ryan

Michael Ryder

Marilyn  R. Saba-Greenberg and Sanford A. Greenberg

Patricia and Norman Sabbey*

Lucy Sagansky

Elaine  Sager

Victoria Saia

Rania  Said

Judith D. Saide

Gregory J. Sakal*

Francis Salamone

Marie F. and Salvatore J. Salamone

Renato Salas

Jennifer Salazar

Amy Sales

Phil Salhaney*

Stephanie Salinas

Debra San*

Kristen San Miguel

Carolina Sanchez

Elizabeth Sanchez

Margaretta Sangree

Elizabeth  Santiago

Joao Santos

Richard Sarkisian

Gina Sauceda

Fae Saulenas

Ella and Tedd Saunders*

Lauren Savrin

Ellen Sawyer*

Carolyn and Paul Sax*

Constance M. Scanlan

Daniel Scanlan*

Anne T. Scanlon

Patricia Scarpetti

Emmett R. Schaefer

Barbara and Michael Schaefer*

Gudrun Scheffler

Lemoyne N. and Jay M. Scheiner*

Dirk P. Schexnaydre

Martha Schick

Leo Schipellite

Therese Schmalbach

Arthur Schneider*

Paul Schneider

Camellia Scholes

Leslie and Ila Schonberg

Deborah Schuback

Brian Schulz

Warren M. Schur*

Marcia E. Schwartz

Erica Schwarz*

Kathleen Sciarappa

Hubert Scoble

Donna M. Scott

Yukari Scott*

Gail Scully*

Stephen Scully

Mary T. Scurio*

Dillon Search-Wells

Lin J. Searles

Dan Sedens

Alissa Segal*

Joshua L. Segal

Julia E. and John D. Segale

Ann Seibel

Ann Seigle

Kyle Seniw

Jane and Peter Senopoulos

Osna Sens

Huseyin Senturk

Andrew Sepulveda

Mary Ann Serra*

Stefanie Seskin

Chade Severin

Electa Sevier and Jos Nicholas*

Peter Sexton

Rosemary Seyfried

Alan Seymour

Laurel Sgan and Adam Kibel

Bekah Shaffer

Kushal Shah

Kathleen and Fereydoun Shahrokhi*

Alexandra Shalom

Samantha Shalom

Emily J. Shamieh*

Alexa Shannon

Kate Shannon

Dorothy and Jordan Shapiro*

Jeffrey Shapiro

Margarita Shapiro

Robert Shapiro

Debbie Sharnak

Lenora and Douglas S. Shatkin*

Patricia Shaughnessy

Helena Shaw

Kimberly Shaw

Janet Shea

Lauren Shea

Melisa Shea

Jen and Mike Shearer

Patricia Sheehan

Alexander Sheff

Freeman D. Shepherd, Jr.*

Kelly Sherman

Paul Sherman*

Zoe Sherman*

Robert A. Sherwood

Josiah Shevlin

Laura Shields

Meredith Shih

Jilan Shimberg

Mansi Shinde

Amy and Robert Shinerock

Linda M. Shinkwin*

Carrie Shive

Olga Shmuylovich

Elina Shnayder

Rebekah Shore

Nicholas  Shoults

Robert Shuchatowitz*

Kritika Shukla

Mary Jean Shultz

Richard S. Siber*

Medb M. and Samuel C. Sichko

Judith S. Siegel

Karen Siegel

Sabine Siegert

Stephany Silva

Ora Gladstone and Mitchell H. Silver

Harvey A. Silverglate

Joy Silverstein*

Judith Simansky*

Jamie Simchik

Elena Simkina

Gwendolyn  Simkins-Regnier

Deborah J. Simmerman

Katherine Simmons*

Laura Simmons

Arlene T. Simon*

Caroline Simon*

Rachael Sinel

Jeff Singer*

Susan L. Sinnott*

Judith Siporin*

Judith Sjo-Gaber

Patricia E. Regan and David M. Skeels*

Judith Skeffington

Helen Dajer and Patrick Skerrett

Kristina Sladek

Cecelia E. and John E. Slayter

Jane Sloan*

Katie Sloat

Marie and John B. Small*

Archie C. Smiles, Jr.

Courtney J. Smith

Patricia and Gregory E. Smith*

Jacob Smith

Jennifer Smith

Joshua Smith

Karl T. Smith

Manera Maloof Smith*

Meredith Smith

Sophia Smith

Valerie Smith

Laura Smolowitz

Hannah Snell

Matt Snider

Veronica Snyder

Kathryn Soderholm

Igor Sokolik*

Andrea Soler

Don M. Solomon

Suntiparp Somsak

Janet Sonenberg

Alan M. Sooho*

Diana Sorensen

Lauren Soriano

Mark Soto

Regina Soule

Gabriella Spatolisano

Joseph Spector*

Richard I. Sperling*

Renee Spinner

Anne Spitz

Samantha Sponer

Christine E. Spont

John St George

Peter St John

Charity Stafford

Anna T. Green and George W. Stairs

Luke Stankowski

Patricia and Steven A. Stanton

Susan Starrett

Marsha Staten*

Annie Steele

Shelby Steeves

Ellen Steinbaum

Alexis Steinberg

Joan Steinberg

Laura Steinberg

Sherry A. Steiner

James  Steintrager

Susan Steinway

David Stephens*

James C. Stephens

Jamie Steven

Gary Stevens

Julia Stevens*

Fredericka O. and Howard H. Stevenson

Dawn L. Stewart

Ann Stillman

Maria Cristina Squeff and Mitchell P. Stokes*

Aliza K. Phillips-Stoll and Ira E. Stoll*

Anne Stone

Drs. Martha and Sumner Stone*

Valerie Stone

Elizabeth Storrs*

Christina Stoval

Sean Stover

Robert B. Strassler

Sigourney Street*

Cornelia Streeter

Carol and Eric Streiff

Sheila Striar*

Harold Strickland

Marta D. and Hugh Stringer

Harborne W. Stuart III

Eileen Stuart-Shor

Cheryl Studley-Straut

Rachel Sturm

Nancy C. Stutzman

Anjana Sukumar

Jonghyun Lee and Ronald Suleski

Raphael Sulkovitz*

Cathleen Sullivan

Cornelia A. Sullivan

John J. Sullivan, M.D.

Julie Sullivan

Karen Sullivan*

Kathleen Sullivan

Mary Sullivan

Nancy Sullivan

Patricia Sullivan and Terry Vazquez*

Paul D. Sullivan

Maura Sullivan-Moore

Anoop Sundaresh

Gautam Suri

Bhargav Surma

Pamela Svec

Jill Swan

Arlene Swan-Mahony

Paul Swartz

Paul F. Sweeney*

Helen Symons

Emily J. Synk*

Regina Szwadzka

Carrie Tai*

Kevin S. Tait*

Amy J. Talanker and Peter J. Duggan

Jean Talarico

Jonathan Tan*

Tanya Tandon

Donny Tang

Beverly Tangvik*

Jay Tarantino

Stacey L. and David M. Tarrant*

James Tartari*

Nancy Tarulli

Arastoo Taslim

Donna Tassone

Michael E. Tausend

Andrea F. Taylor

MJ Taylor

Aleksey Telelyuyev

Magdalen Teodecki

Edith S. and Barry Tepper

Tinamarie Terrasi

Claire Teylouni

David Theran

Anthony Thomas

Brittany G. Thomas

Carolyn A. Thomas*

Christine Thomas and Peter J. Tabolt

Emy P. Thomas

Glynys R. Thomas

Jennifer A. Thomas

Margaret Thomas

Raegan Thomas

Victoria Thomas

Britney Thompson

Ann M. and John P. Thompson

Amanda Thorne

James Thornton

Kristin Thorp

Amelia M. Thrall

Stephen D. Thrush

Julia Thyfault

Alexandria Tieri

Eliza Tierney

Helen N. and Kenneth J. Tierney

Joan and Ed Tiffany

Sheila Tighe*

Virginia A. Timmerman

Lisa M. Tittemore and Robert J. Cooke

Jason Tobin

Kendall Todd

Kara Todeschini

Amanda Todisco

Geraldine M. and Peter C. Toland

Denise M. Tompkins

Leslie Tong

Philip Torgersen

Arthur Tornquist

Lourdes M. Toro

James Torres

Amy and Matthew C. Torrey*

Magdalena T. Tosteson

Richard B. Tourangeau*

Monica Tovar

Robert J. Tove*

Alison Trachy*

Devin Tracy

Carol Trager

Carol Ann Trahan*

Kendall Trainer

Mary Trainor

David Tramontozzi

An Tran

Daniel Trask

Bruce Treut*

Dana M. Trismen

Sasha Trufanov

Debbie Tsanotelis

Aileen Tschiderer

Alice C. Tucker

William Tucker

Asher Tulsky

James Tulsky

Dana Tumbaga

Katie Turi

Michael Tuteur

Dorothy Z. Tutko

Melissa Tuttman

Jane E. Twombly*

Nancy Tye*

Maura Tyrrell

Milena Tzigantcheva

Bryanna Vacanti

Lorraine Vaccaro*

Erick Valencia

Lisa Valentine

Irene V. Valincius

Jessica van de Ven

Rebecca Van Dyke

Janet Van Liere*

Jacoba Van Schaik

Benjamin Van Vort

Katherine Van Woert

Sue Vanasse*

Jane and Derek Vance

Darshna Varia

Mark Varvares

Cornelia Veenendaal

Fredericka T.  Veikley*

Helen Vendler*

Eve Versage*

Shannon Veski

Peter Vezeridis

Margaret Vezina

Amanda Viana

Nikola Vidnovic

Sebastien Vigneau

Lauren Vineyard

Maria Vitagliano*

Donna Vivilecchia

Phyllis Vogel*

John Voigt

Adriane Von Lichtenberg

Nancy L. Waggner*

Frederick Waht

David Walker

Gabriel Walker

Susan L. Johnson and Robert Wallace

Gillian Walsh

Megan Walsh

Sarah Walsh

Claudette Walworth

John K. Wand*

Bailey Wang

Farren Wang

Shiping Wang

Veronica Wang

Xiuming Wang

Yi Wang

Hannah Wanless

Elizabeth G. Ward*

Michael Ward*

Diana J. Kleiner and Sam B. Warner

Brittany  Warren

Leslie Warshaw

Pam Waterman

Judith Waters*

Janice Wattsbostic

Jane Webber*

Mary Weber

Susan Weber*

Julie Webster

Judith Wechsler

Melissa  Wein

Louise K. and David S. Weinberg

Bette Weinberger

Henry  S. Weinberger

Elizabeth Weinbloom

Abigail Weiner

Susan J. and Lawrence A. Weiner

David Weinstock

Kim A. Weisberg*

Marcia R. and Glen Weisbrod*

Susan M. Weise*

Alan Weiss*

Ronney and Peter Weiss

Sallyann Wekstein

Barbie Welch

Andrea Wells

Sidi Wen

Sara E. Wermiel*

Amy and Edward Wertheim*

Deborah Westaway

Anne Westcott

Catherine and Craig L. Weston*

Ryan Westphal

Benjamen Wetherill

JoJo Wetterau

Nannie T. and Frank J. Wezniak

Richard Wheeler*

Anne Wheelock*

Emily White

Marie White

Gabrielle White-Dzuro

Mariama White-Hammond*

Susan Whitehead*

Alexander Whiteside

Stephen Whitfield*

Eva Whittaker

Robin Whitworth

Regina B. Wiedenski*

Ann M. S. and Paul Wiencek

Aleta Wiley

Emmett Wilkinson

Cheyenne Williams

Elsie M. Williams

Jon Wesley Williams

Kathleen M. and Michael J. Williams

Miguel Williams

Vashti Williams

Cristina Marcella Willison

  1. Thomas Wilmot*

Bruce Wilson

David Wilson

Sandy and Mark Wilson

Shirley J. Wine*

Katherine B. Winter*

Lynn Wirth

Julie Wisniewski

Rebecca R. Wittenburg*

Douglas Wolf

Elizabeth Wolfson

Howard and Candice Wolk*

Lou Wollrab*

Merle Wolofsky*

Gabrielle Wolohojian

Suzanne L. Wones and Scott A. Lozier

Ann Wong

Vinton Wong

Kanisorn Wongsrichanalai

Ashley Woodward

Kathryn Wooters

Courtney Wright

Liz Wright

Monica Wright

Qian Wu

Xiaoyun Wu

Audrey Wynne

Michael Wynne

Dara Yaffe

Chen Yan*

Joe Yang

Shuo Yang

Andrea Yavarow

Mary Yeaton

Haydee F. Yeskutis

Sara Yessenow

Anita Yip

Arthur Young

Lauren Young

Matthew Young

Jaclyn Youngblood

Jennifer Yu

Albert Yuen

Zeynep Yurtsever

Karen A. and Philip Yuska*

Samuel Yusuf

David J. Zahniser*

Alicyn Zall

Elizabeth Zaretsky

Lily Zarrella

Louise Zawodny

Katy Zazzera

Charlotte Zelle

Jessica Zhang

Johnny Zhang

Liang Zhang

Pingkuan Zhang

Yujia Zhou

Guorong Zhu

Joyce Zhu

Meg Ziegler

Shirley S. and Robert M. Zimmerman

Deborah R. Zucker*

Mary L. Zwirner and Gordon K. Bugbee

Pauline A. Zywaski*

The following individuals had gifts made in their memory between July 1, 2022 and June 30, 2023. 

Jill and Barry Adels 

Charlotte Aikens 

Norwood (Woody) Anderson 

Charles Arthur 

Joan Bennett 

Linda Berger 

Charles J. Boodro 

Christopher Boodro 

Janet Boodro 

Rochelle Butrow 

Britani Bartelme Carbone 

Jeannette Cardia 

John Chandler 

Mary E. Chase 

Kerry Clancy 

John Creecy 

Patricia Croghan 

Marilyn Davis 

Agnes DeFranca 

Calvin S. Demarest 

Robert F. Dixon 

William A. Dwiggins 

Stella Easland and Robert Peter Easland, Jr. 

Joan Mullany Ellis 

Cynthia L. Freeman 

Helen Gellis 

Gibran Kahlil Gibran 

Kahlil George Gibran 

Mort Golden 

Margaret Schopflin Gram 

Thomas J. Gunning 

Apurba Gupta 

Binh Ha 

Emil Hahn 

Nancy S. Halpert 

Elizabeth A Hawley 

Eric Jackson 

Carl J. Kanter 

George Von Keller 

Doris Kelly 

Terry Knowles 

Behrooz Koleini 

Helen S. Kwan

Y. Kwan

Eamonn Leonard 

Reggie Lewis, Sr 

Antonio Lorenzo 

Timothy F.P. Lyons, M.D. 

John Mahony 

Lucille Martin 

Peter McCollem 

Jeanne McDermott-Perrier 

Dr. Bucknam McPeek 

George W. Mitchell 

Gurumurthy Mogalapalli 

Laura Monti 

Anna and George Morris 

Helen M. Morrison 

Rose Marie Nola 

Eleanor O'Brien 

Joan DeMino Onthank 

George Papastavros 

Roxy Phelan 

Alana Perry Repetsky 

Frank & Mary Roth 

Anna Roytberg 

Rigoberto Salazar 

Phil Salhaney 

Wallace A Scarpetti 

Bill Schaefer 

Barbara Scully 

Anthony Serra 

Lora Sharpe 

Sheryl Shea 

Beverly and Moe Sokolow 

Frances Stadholz 

Paul J. Sullivan, P.E. 

Bill Swetow 

Neal Taylor 

Judith Thelusma 

Billy Todisco 

Sam Bass Warner, Jr. 

James PD Waters 

Joan Williams 

Melody Winnig 

Ellen Wittlinger 

Julietta Wolf-Foster 

Josephine Jenney Young 

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