BPL’s Kirstein Business Library & Innovation Center (KBLIC) Redirects Career Opportunities for Patrons

Kirstein Business Library & Innovation Center

The committed KBLIC staff work tirelessly to support those whose jobs were affected by the pandemic. Congratulations to BPL patron Meg as she begins her new career thanks to KBLIC resources. Meg especially credits Mary Devine – Workforce Development Librarian at the KBLIC for playing a supporting role in her eventual job offer.

As a resident of Boston, I have had the opportunity to utilize the resources offered by the Boston Public Library. The Kirstein Business Library & Innovation Center has been a place that I have used on multiple occasions throughout my professional career. When COVID came to Boston, my small business was directly affected in a negative way. I had to move quickly and pivot in a different direction. Having previously utilized the KBLIC, I quickly learned about the workshops that were offered. I came to understand the impact the workshops could have after several initial email correspondences with Mary. I was fortunate enough to be able to reserve a spot in several of these offerings. The tips I learned during the workshops were not things I did not know; they were new ways to utilize my skills.

I learned new ways of using these skills that gave me the confidence I needed during my job search. Although the BPL was closed due to the pandemic, I was able to email Mary with any questions. She was eager to help me and responded very quickly. I am fortunate to have started a new position, and I am very thankful for the role that the KBLIC played. The workshops were extremely organized with skilled instructors who were committed to helping me. Along with Mary, I feel everyone was deeply invested and played a supporting role in my eventual job offer. I am very thankful that the Boston Public Library has these resources.

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